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@haffy: Let me be more clear. HOTS won't be a bad game nor do I want it to be, I was merely voicing my opinion about the length it took to make a friggin' expansion and the cost for the people who already bought Wings of Liberty. If you aren't into the multiplayer that much (I dabble in it) then $40 is a greater price than I'd like to see. Then again, it could always be so much worse.

Blizzard takes forever to come out with anything, but three years for an expansion? Really? I hope the Protoss game doesn't take another three.

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@baldgye: What do I need to do to sound like a fan? Name drop rush build methods like your '2base' and maybe refer to a bunch of heavy-hitter SCII professional players? Just because I'm voicing some concerns doesn't mean I can't be a fan of the series.

Also, three years is a long time for any kind of expansion to a game. Blizzard runs off of their own time, that we all know, but it doesn't make the wait for an augmentation off of WOL's infrastructure any easier. Hell, Brood War came less than a year after the original game. Now, obviously games have evolved and with it the technology, but are we supposed to wait three more years now for the next expansion? That's pretty ridiculous.

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@CJduke: It makes more sense to someone like you who obviously has put a HUGE amount of time into the game. If you're salivating for more SCII and watch tons of MLG or whatever events, then yeah, it's totally worth the price for you. For someone who just plays it every now and then, it doesn't seem as exciting.

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From a long-time fan and player of SC this is going to sound largely angry at Activision-Blizzard, but that's because it is.

It's taken almost three years for HOTS to come out since Wings of Liberty hit. THREE YEARS. We're getting some extra units, probably some new maps and the expanded story (which is the big focus), but is that all worth $40? The story was extremely lackluster in WOL and, unless I'm completely taken off-guard here, HOTS will be just as brief and slightly more interesting at most. They've taken out a lot of the new units and extra content for 'balancing issues' and I just don't know anymore. I'm thankful it's less than a full priced title, but if you already purchased WOL then why do we need to pay another $40 for essentially the single-player content?

For the people who bought into SCII when it first came out, couldn't Acti-Blizz have thrown a big digital discount out way for the expansion? Am I asking too much? I'm hopeful HOTS will bring SCII back, but I have this feeling that it just won't happen.

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While the game may be locked at 30 FPS, the horrible Blighttown frame-rate drop is in fact gone from the Prepare to Die Edition. So while FromSoftware may never have said that they officially fixed the problem, it somehow turned out to be the case.

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@Village_Guy: I don't have anything to complain about?

So by your logic, as soon as your warranty comes up on anything, if a company decides to switch the infrastructure of the product to not allow it to utilize newer tech - that's OK. You know, because we're out of the warranty window, they can do anything even if it turns my system into a brick.

As someone said previously, it's like Apple coming out with a new iPod and by doing so, previous versions of the iPod can no longer play new songs coming out. That's not a problem at all. No sir.

By the way, I'm not advertising anything. I'm posting on my Giant Bomb blog which also links to your Twitter account. I'm not making money off of this. There's a lot of people who post on blogs like this that throw links every which way.

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@believer258: Wait a bit? This issue has existed since the beginning of the holiday season LAST YEAR. The issue still isn't fixed which gives me enough evidence to support me saying that the patch still isn't coming out anytime soon.

How is this not a huge deal?

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@Bourbon_Warrior: No, this isn't the same console. After the last RROD, I repaired the console and sold it, bought the same Elite package you did.

Installing is something I do with almost all of my games. Since the Xbox doesn't properly read Arkham City, when you go into the install option it just locks up and kicks you back out.

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@rebgav: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon also doesn't work and it's on the list of games using XGD-3. So no, it isn't just Batman.

Also, you should really read up on what Microsoft did to those affected. You can check that out here:

They were able to diagnose the problem over Xbox Live to avoid any kind of exploitation. See for yourself.

Of course it's horribly frustrating, but the things I can do are very, very limited and harassing the support department is one of them, but it's not effective whatsoever. Since it's out of warranty I could do what someone suggested and purchase an optical drive, but again, I'm still stuck on the fact that this is a problem Microsoft caused, took care of and now have somehow almost forgotten.