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While seemingly generic, Spec Ops surprises in a lot of ways 2

If you're looking for a new game to sate your thirst for something seminal, you'd surely laugh at the notion of a third-person military shooter being pushed toward you - I know I would. Yager Development's Spec Ops: The Line is a game that looks and feels like the competition, but instead of following the safe and derivative path that's usually carved out for the genre, forges its own dark and gritty route that contemporary games hardly use. If, by year's end, people still aren't talking about t...

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A truly original title that deserves a shot (video review) 0

Besides containing one of the best titles in recent memory, Arcen Game's A Valley Without Wind is, perhaps, one of the most ambitious titles I've ever played. Not only does it combine the 2D, intelligent level design of old-school Metroid and Castlevania titles, but it sprinkles in exploratory and crafting devices found in Terraria and Minecraft. While it sounds like a game with elements everyone always wished for, it's aspiring design falls short of greatness.If it wasn't already apparent, this...

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A worthy successor to an underrated franchise 1

The original Prototype was a divisive title, managing to impress while also to wholly annoy. It successfully made you feel the part of the anti-hero badass with your ample supply of treacherous mutations, but it progressively fell short in both the narrative and gameplay departments. Prototype 2 disposes of these issues and goes far beyond what Radical Entertainment gave us with the original game, almost three years ago.Prototype 2 follows the story of a soldier named James Heller. Having lost h...

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Despite hard feelings, Mass Effect 3 delivers 0

What do you consider the greatest game you've ever played? When this timeless question is asked, well-deserving titles like the original Super Mario Bros., Half-Life and The Legend of Zelda are often mentioned. It then, of course, sparks a perpetual debate about what sort of prerequisites must be met to be considered among gaming's most elite. However, sometimes an anomaly approaches with substance and quality that are simply unmatched in virtually every category of contemporary gaming. Sometime...

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A satisfying romp through the dark and gritty 40k universe 0

This review can be found on Gamer's Guide to Life and my personal blog.Relic Entertainment is known far and wide for its vast and superior knowledge in the realm of stratagem. With titles like Homeworld, Company of Heroes, and Dawn of War in their repertoire, few can argue the strength of their craft. However, when the studio revealed they would be crafting a third-person, combat-centric depiction of the bloodthirsty 40k Space Marine – you might see why Relic fans got a little nervous. Thankfull...

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Isaac Clark gets it done... again (with video review) 0

  Sleeper hits like the original Dead Space are proof that the horror genre, inadvisably, is undead. Complete with satisfying shooting, space curb-stomps and legitimate scary moments, Dead Space 2 is more of the same with some augmentations. It isn't a reinvention of the wheel, but the original Dead Space formula was already a sound enough one, which didn't require many tweaks to its already commendable horror/shooter setup. Throw in some new competitive online action, and there's something...

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The series that started it all gets a makeover 2

If there were ever a series of games that epitomise the lack of ingenuity and hard saturation that steer gamers away, it'd undoubtedly trace back to Dynasty Warriors. Infamous for constantly releasing title upon title of the same game, along with multiple expansions and sometimes crazy spinoffs, it's no wonder that the series is largely either ignored or frowned upon. Something surprising has happened though. Maybe it's because there hasn't been a good Dynasty Warriors game for over half ...

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A potentially great game stuck in a hollow shell 2

        As cooperative based action-RPGs go, Hunted: The Demon's Forge treads a careful path. So careful, mind you, that it barely tries to do anything imaginative to grab your undivided attention. Whether it be the story, combat, or core mechanics of the game, Hunted is a supercharged mothball of lost potential. From the mind of Brian Fargo, this is something rather hard to believe. The mercenaries of... well, somewhere. As cooperative based action-RPGs go, Hunted: The D...

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Its ambitious claim to innovate the FPS is a medicore one. 0

What do you get when you combine a famed, first-rate publisher in Bethesda with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars creator Splash Damage? If your answer was an excellent, innovative and superbly-polished game entitled 'Brink', you'd only be a quarter right. Saying that, Brink accomplishes quite a bit with its unique formula and functionality, but its overall lack of ingenuity turns this incredible-looking first-person shooter into a derivative afterthought. Brink's story begins and ends with the Ar...

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The Castlevania you didn't know. 0

 Loot is in chests. Everyone loves loot. Castlevania has always been one of my gaming soft spots. Not only did it introduce me to insanely asinine enemies and heinous staircases, but it presented an addictive atmosphere riddled with mythological monsters, magic, and absolutely rockin’ music. When I heard Harmony of Despair was going to combine all my favorite Castlevania heroes under a six-player multiplayer banner, I calmly excused myself, promptly stepped through an alternate dimensi...

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Seriously bizarre albeit seriously awesome 0

 Pretty lights often lead to confusion and dead angels. If one was to inquire about what games they should purchase for their entertainment needs titles like God of War, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden and stuff like Batman: Arkham Asylum would come up undoubtedly. Bayonetta bends that talk in a unique direction but will no less be added to this list of must-play action titles. But coming from the mind of DMC creator Hideki Kamiya, that was almost a sure-fire bet anyhow.  What’s different...

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A quality title, but with some deficiencies 0

   it doesn't get more bad-ass than this. As prolific as the Call of Duty games have been, the Modern Warfare adjunct has been nothing but quality work. The sequel to the overwhelmingly successful first game is certainly no slouch either. But as impressive as it is, at times Modern Warfare 2 underwhelms with familiar story-telling elements and a near nonsensical plot. Of course, if multiplayer is your deal than this won’t affect you much.If you’ve played Modern Warfare at all, as millions c...

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Once again, nostalgia can't be wrong 0

  The box art is among the best of all games This may not come as a surprise to many, but I’m going to say it anyway; Mega Man 10 is ridiculously tough. Of course, that’s how Mega Man rolls and is probably why people like me keep coming back to it.  If you’re any kind of a Mega Man fan, or have at least played a couple of the original games, you already know what you’re getting yourself into. The tenth installment, like the rest of the games, offers a unique attempt by Dr. Wily for world d...

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Underwhelming but with some decent ideas 1

     Halo has always been about up front, in your face action and ODST attempts to shake up the formula a bit. It’s more or less an expansion off of Halo 3, but it does add some unique components like Firefight that make it stand out.   Hunters are pretty damned scary in this game. Seriously.It may retain the Halo name but once you kick-off the campaign you’ll notice some major changes to the gameplay. For one, you control an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) who isn’t nearly as...

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A beautiful homage to a genre that's been forgotton for too long 1

     A long while ago, in a time of inferior technology and rustic gameplay elements, the side-scroller reigned supreme. The genre has spawned some of the greatest games of all-time, but like all good things, it went away for a while. Being unable to cope with its absence, Chair crafted Shadow Complex - a quirky, futuristic, side-scrolling shooter. To put it quite simply, it has resurrected the genre in the best way possible.  This right here, essential. The long-running Castlevan...

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The most gratuitous destruction this generation has seen 0

 When you think of interstellar tyranny and galactic civil war, Red Faction isn’t the first game that comes to mind. But when you replace those two things with Mars and unprecedented destruction, you have a different story entirely. Red Faction: Guerrilla is Volition’s third entry in the series and brings with it the most unmeasured, gratuitous destruction this generation has seen.    Jet packs and explosives = limitless fun.The story isn’t going to win any awards, but it does what it needs ...

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Despite it's problems, the power of Gears can't be denied 0

  Two years have passed since we first witnessed the emergence of the Locust Horde on Sera and fans have been clamoring for more ever since. It’s no surprise a game with such insurmountable success would get a further installment with such high expectations. Surely Cliffy B’s constant interviewing and Epic’s stellar track record mean the game is tantamount to success. Right? Just like any sequel before it, Gears of War 2 builds upon the story laid out from its predecessor, which isn’t much....

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Logical, samey, and fun, but play it on the PC over consoles 0

Since 1999 Unreal Tournament has influenced the first-person shooter market with its twitch and adrenaline fueled gameplay. Each follow-up has spawned significant changes without actually overhauling the system gamers have become associated with over the years; Unreal Tournament 3 is no exception.  Lets drive toward the walking laser octopus.  Fast, furious, and full of gratuitous gore Unreal demonstrates its power best when there are numerous bodies present, preferably human-controlled. But ...

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Innovation is nice but it only goes so far 0

Innovation isn’t exactly easy to find nowadays, but when it calls it’s always answered. Mirror’s Edge is industry giant EA’s take on manipulating the first-person genre into something other than a shooter. Yes that means hopping around with no mechanisms that spew a fiery discharge or promote rag-doll physics. Is it heresy? Not exactly.  GREEEEEEEEEEEEN chute. Welcome Faith, (a clever subliminal message for your encouragement) the tattooed and lightning fast protagonist of the game. As a citi...

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Fun, while it lasts 0

Enjoyed the article? Follow me on Twitter!  If you’re familiar with open-world games, then much of what you already expect is utilized in Prototype. However, the way Radical Entertainment has crafted the game allows it to take detours we haven’t seen; making it the anomalous figure of the open world-genre.   That... that's high. Prototype is unsurprisingly your typical cliché action story, but if you’re playing Prototype for the story, then you’ve come to the wrong place. For wha...

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A must-play experience 0

When Ubisoft discovered the formula to reinvent one of the hardest side-scrollers of all-time into one of the best platforming trilogies of last-generation, no one thought they’d have what it took to do it again. The Sands of Time trilogy ended on a high-note and this new Prince hopes to recapture the graceful essence that made the first games such a spectacle to behold.     The visuals in this game are nothing short of beautiful.  First of all, loyal followers of the Prince take note; this ga...

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A definite co-op experience you simply must play. 0

It’s been an untold amount of years since we’ve had anything remotely close to a zombie survival game. Sure Horde mode in Gears of War 2 is fun and zombified Nazis in Call of Duty: World at War is fine, but nothing substitutes for an invasion brimming with true undead bodies. Valve has found the secret ingredients to authentic zombie survival and fused them with containers of adrenaline and an internet connection. First things first, despite the addition of a single-player mode Left 4 Dead is n...

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Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Review 0

            Ever since the release of the famed Blue and Red versions on the Game Boy in 1998, Pokemon has been a wild success. The popular license has spawned card games, television shows, spin-offs, and sequels to the original games. It’s been a good two years since anyone has had a true Pokemon experience, but with the release of Diamond and Pearl on the Nintendo DS the wait is finally over.             Taking on the role as a male or female trainer in the brand new region of Sinnoh, you set ...

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One of the most original and innovative games of all time. 0

           Original titles are rarely found in the game world anymore. Like movies, games tend to create sequels and spin-offs of successful franchises such as “Halo” or “Dynasty Warriors.” Simply, companies may find it too risky to develop something brand new and out of context.  Enter “Shadow of the Colossus.” Not only does this title shatter the very boundaries of originality, but it provides one of the most exhilarating adventures ever created.             Developed by the brilliant minds of...

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Gears of War Review 0

            Emergence day has come. Epic Game’s long awaited and mega-hyped “Gears of War” has hit the Xbox 360. And not only as an exclusive title, but as the best game yet to be released on the console.             Taking place in the fictional world known as Sera, an alien species of unknown origin, the Locust, have emerged and begun destroying everything human. As humanity teeters on the brink of annihilation, you take control of Marcus Fenix, a ex-soldier labeled traitor under the COG (Coa...

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Dawn of Sorrow Review 0

           With its extensive amount of games on numerous platforms, “Castlevania” lashes its way onto the Nintendo DS with the sequel to the hit Game Boy Advance game “Aria of Sorrow.” Offering better visuals, enhanced gameplay features, and a continuation of the storyline, “Dawn of Sorrow” sets a new standard for “Castlevania” games.             As with all “Castlevania” titles, Dracula’s castle has resurfaced but this time without the actual Dark Lord. Soma Cruz, the protagonist from the last...

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