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Hey my name is Nicholas from Singapore and I'll be heading to Merica for a school trip soon. Specifically I'll arrive in SF on the 9th of April and I'll have to join the rest on my class at the Tuscan Inn on the 12th. After that though I'll be in New York from the 10th to 15th of May.

So anyway I'd love to meet some locals to hang out, explore some cool spots around the city and play some video games or something. I'd also like a place to crash if it's possible, to save some money. Oh and I'd really like to go to Disneyland on one of those days I'm in California if any of you are up for it. Hope to hear from some of you soon!

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Hi guys, I'm starting a blog about interviews with interesting strangers I come across in my everyday life. The problem is, I have 0 experience with professional interviewing and writing. I mostly record the entire interview and come out with question off the top of my head. But I'm pretty sure there are better ways of doing that. I also have no idea what notes I should write. I'd really appreciate it if I had some guidance from anyone with some experience!

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Hey is anyone interested in attending this event together? It's next weekend 31st Aug- 1st Sept. Would be cool to meet some GB folks in Singapore!

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Ape Escape

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@casper_: it's cool, those are already on my agenda. Thanks!

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@jouseldelka: haha actually I'm planning on staying a night on the island so I can see it at night. Thanks! I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

@EpicSteve: I did actually haha I loved the old medal of honors and call of duties. I will be booking a tour with a guide to explore the d-day beaches.

@SlashDance: that's a shame, but I will definitely be checking out that museum. Thanks for the tip!

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Hey! I'm Nicholas from Singapore and I will be visiting Paris from 14th to 17th of August. I was wondering if there were any cool related video game attractions there may be in Paris and if any bombers wanna hang out. I will also be travelling the French country side before Paris (Normandy, St Michel, Chinon, Sarlat, Carcassonne and Arles). Any tips?

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Does anyone still have keys?

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I'm with the sentimentalists on this one, I prefer the old style of Hitman games. I miss the wide open levels, exotic locales and an actual map where i could see all the guards. It's still a fun game but it's just not the game i used to know and love :(. Although i admit this game does have a lot more unique kills and fun disguises. My favourite mission has to be the courthouse because of what you can do with the judge's outfit. I really liked using random melee weapons to kill goons too, the animations are really fun and cool to watch. It's a pity not everyone will be able to see it because they are trying to get the highest scores. I would love to have had another score based on my ruthlessness.

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Yeah the story isn't great. If victoria was so bad ass i'm pretty sure she could have handled a few of Lenny's goons on her own and escaped. I liked how Diana did the debrief for the final mission though, brings back memories!