Baseball seasons yet again

Well its time for my annual baseball blog :P
I went to the opening ceremony chatted with some cute (girl) softball players. Didnt get any digits :P But yeah pretty boring morning.. this is probably going to be my last year playing though :(


Why all the hate?

 have a question for everyone.. why did MW2 break almost all the pre-order records for video games.. yet.. people are hating it??? they keep complaining that its just the same thing..

Isn't that the same for every game franchise? sure they may change a few things but the core game-play stays the same.. for instance.. God of war series.. same game-play same story same ol same ol... But why do the keep flocking back to the games then? One reason.. if it ain't broke.. don't fix it... Game series that have good gameplay in the first game and then there is a sequel people buy it, play it as if it is innovative game-play and then rave about it.. But then there is a small section of the game community.. that complains about it it being the same ol thing... Another thing.. people complain the hell about halo repeating itself over and over again.. Same game-play mostly the same weapons..

AndI must say.I am seriously pissed off about people saying MW2 is just the same old thing.. its not.. it took me a few hours in the multiplayer to get used to after played so much cod4.... So much has been added to the multiplayer.. and then the co-op! seriously the co-op is better than the campaign IMO.. trying to complete certain challenges with a Friend.. never gets old..

Another example of recycling game-play.. FF series.. yes the Final fantasy series.. same thing over and over and over and over again.. over 20 games has the same basic game-play.. and still they sell millions of copies each time... So stop hassling FPS for being the same thing over and over again.. Yet another franchise that is so repetitive yet it has sold over a 100 million copies.. the Mario franchise.. that's right.. super Mario Bros super Mario series (super Mario 64, sunshine, galaxy) and the RPG series... The same thing over and over again. for 20 years.. yet we keep buying them. why? because the are FUN.. Gaming is FUN.. So let this be a message to you meaning.. even if it is the same thing.. Most of us find the same thing over and over again.. very FUN.. Gaming was based on one thing.. Not money Not fame.. but FUN.

   so this is ishoturface saying.. if it ain't broke.. don't fix it :)

WOW gears 2 multiplayer sucks online

well i have had the game for several months now but up until a few days ago i never played the online... 
and omgz does it suck 
the filter engine sucks.. i end up playing with people 70 ranks higher than me... not only that people are complete dicks when it comes to annex.. 
they wont even capture the damn area if they can keep killing becuase you have 3 bots on your team (happens to mea whole hell of a lot) 
earlier today i play an annex match online and it lasted almost an hour because the jackasses on the other team wouldnt capture the area just becuase they could keep getting kills off the bots (three on my team) not only that they would all 50 or more ranks higher than me and all they obviously do all day is play gears 2 multiplayer... now i love the horde mode and the co-op aswell as the campaign.. but seriously if this is as good as epic can do with multiplayer... in gears 3 do NOT include online multiplayer... splitscreen offline multiplayer is fun since you dont have to deal with a bunch of dickheads... 
and taking ten minutes just to connect to a match is insane... so i dont see how anyone can really play it online...    

Banned from gamespot...

Well yeah its true... i got banned after being there almost two years.. i was a level 34 with over 13000 posts. over 60 reviews. over 100 videos uploaded. and almost 300 blogs...
If you were one of my friends from gamespot then you can add me here since im no longer going to be a member at gamespot... not only that i was the leader of the most awesome union ever.. we werent that big of a union (about 200 members) but still it was awesome and active compared to most other unions.. i only wish that giantbomb had unions...
so yeah im going to be this gaming website only pretty much now.. so over and out


baseball season is officially open

well for me at least... today i had a game at 10:00 AM and the another at 12:00 PM

The first game my team lost by being crushed 14 to 1.... Now i know exactly why

Well for starters 3/4 of my teammates seemed that they didnt even want to be there.. And to add to that their additudes were not all that great.. most of em when something bad happened they would get all pissed and never get over it.. The loss was mainly my coaches fault though... in the first inning my teams pitcher let 9 runs in... 3/4 of them on errors and walks.. as far as i know he walked 6 or seven batters tha one inning and my coach STILL didnt pull him out! i would have pulled him out after the first four runs... i was like my freaking god! I dont know if it is because im the only 15 year old on the team (the league is for 13, 14 and 15 year olds)... but seriously i do getted pissed when a bad play is made but i get over it very quickly... oh and that inning that 9 runs were scored i cant be blamed for it.. i was warming the bench... (for two innings) and i got a hit in my first at bat and struck out the second.. oh yeah that reminds me.. the ump had the weirdest strike zone i have ever seen in my life.. but i will get to that later..

so yeah to sum of the first game my team played they sucked.. when i was on defense (first base) i made zero errors so i cant be blamed about anything for that game.

Now the second game my team did a whole hell of a lot better but still we lost 8 (them) and 6 (my team)

And i got to play my fave position and the position im best at (catching) for i think it was 2 innings my team did good till the two innings i had to sit out when they dropped two pop flys and fumbled a ground ball resulting in aerror...

the one mistake i made this game was accidently stealing... i was on first after being walked.. and looked like the ball had gotten past the catcher but it obviously didnt cuz the next thing i know im getting thrown out at second base (oh and i was safe im not just saying that my foot got to the base before he even had teh ball and yet i was still called out for some reason).. oh not to mention the field UMP has a really bad additude...

on sortaa good note i got to pitch the last inning.. but i did the worst i have ever done in my pitching careerer... it took me 46 pitches to get out of that inning and i let 1 run in.... i had 5 freaking walks.. which brings me to the point earlier that the UMP has a odd strike zone... i was pitching baseballs on the outside corner (the other team couldnt hit em at all) and the stupid ump was calling them all balls!!!! i was seriously pissed.. and i almost had a freaking pick off over at first base but the idiot first baseman didnt tag him!

So to make a long story short im getting sick of my coach getting all pissed off at all the players instead of just the ones that made really bad mistakes (sure i made onebut thats understandable.. right??)

and i felt a lot of the things my coach was saying was directed at me.. im like WTF?!? i made one minor mistake and the UMP that sucked (ok they both did) didnt help at all... oh not to mention that the other team was stacked with really good players.. turns out that the coach knew a lot of the really good players so he drafted all of them and not any ok players....

oh if you are wondering what i mean by UMP (not the gun stupid ) its a abreviation of umpire..

now im going to end on a good note despite my team being 0-2 for the season already..

That good note is i finally dont feel like the new around town.. my teamates gave me a nickname.. Panda.... they say they gave it to me because i remind them of the panda from kung fu panda (Po) still i kinda like it though :Lol:


Dont you just hate when you get crappy teammates online?

Just updating my gaming life.. even though it is lame at times..

Well lately i have been playing more WaW than cod4 trying to reach level 65.. so i may put down cod4 for a while i am trying to reach level 65 in codwaw..... although nazi zombies is still taking up a lot of my time.. hell who doesnt like killing nazi zombies?

Now i dont mean to brag.. but is it just me or am i really good at nazi zombies? i mean it seems all my other teamates die way before me... its either that or i just get teamates that just suck.... and when i do get downed nobody ever tries to revive me!.. i mean i give it my all to try and get to a downed comrade before they kick the bucket.. but it seems that other players are just for themselves.

And that brings me to the point of this blog... dont you just hate when you are playing an objective based game mode in an online multiplayer game and most of your teamates are only worried about getting kills and NOT trying AT ALL to capture the objective?

For example.. playing conquest in battlefield bad company is awesome when you have teamates who know what they are doing and are actually contributing to the team by captureing flags and what not.. but when you have teamates just trying to get kills... then it sucks... and then you will lose more than likely.... This does seem to happen more in conquest mode than gold rush.. and im hoping that in BFBC2 they have a regular team deathmatch game mode for people just looking to get kills so they will leave us people who are actually trying to contribute to the objective!

Another example in codwaw and cod4.. headquarters game mode and domination (as well as war game mode in waw).. many many times have i gotten teammates that are just trying to get kills and not trying to capture anything at all.... (which is one reason i dont play capture the flag on waw anymore)...

This is the main reason i like splitscreen co-op more... since you know they will try and help you... since i mainly play with my little bros no co-op (halo series, gears series, waw and others) I guess its sorta like the golden rule (if you know what im talking about) treat others as you would want to be treated. or in this case the gaming golden rule to co-op... "saveyou teammatesif you want to be saved later on" cuz there are several times i have considered not saving because earlier on they had just looked at me like the idiotic marines in halo....

Which reminds me of something.. while i was playing halo 3 yesterday a marine said something that i will probably never forget.. now if you have played any of the halo games before you know that friendly AI IS D-U-M-B... and you should also know that a five year old could probably drive better than one of these marines... ao here iswhat happened.. i was getting ready to get into a warthog (the jeep like vehicle). when a marine ran up got into the warthog and says "Ive got some pretty mad driving skills" now thats not exactly what he said but it was close.. and it made me laugh.. now i dont know if bungie was making fun of themselves for not being able to create good friendly AI but hell in any case it was funny...

anyway.. have you had any experiences like this while playing an online game?