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This IS your father's Halo. 0

My dad likes Halo. In fact he bought an Xbox 360 when he found out Halo 3 wasn't coming out on PC. His gaming interests aren't diverse, but he does like shooters, and of those, the Halo franchise is one of his favorites.I like Halo a lot too, but I must confess I'm a bit burned out by them. I don't think the surpassed the original Halo in terms of impact. And Halo 3 put into place all the elements that make a Halo game great. The forge map editor, the video replay system, the excellent matc...

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A discussion of ME3's weaknesses 0

So much has been discussed and written about Mass Effect 3, I don't really feel the need to go into all the details. However I did want to go over things that I was worried would detract from my enjoyment of the game, and ultimately didn't.Both Jeff's review and the tone of discussion on the podcast really got me worried. Here are some of the points made here and elsewhere and how I feel about them.The game is short: I finished around 32 hours and I didn't feel the game was short at all. In fact...

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Skylanders: Being a Dad has it's perks 1

Skylanders is a very polished, enjoyable dungeon crawler aimed at kids. It incorporates physical toys to expand game play. Note I am basing this review just on the starter set and completed the game with just the three included characters.The game comes with three toy figurines and a portal of power, which plugs into the 360 via USB. To use each character you place it on the portal where it immediately becomes available in the game. The effect is rather neat. You can switch characters at any tim...

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A minimalist review for bit.trip beat 0

This game:  Is hard.  Blows my mind.  Has fantastic music.   Reminds me of Rez HD.  Wins the Emmy for most eyestrain.   Has motion control that doesn't suck.  Has distracting backgrounds, presumably on purpose. Should be called bit.trip pong.  Maybe pong is copyrighted? Justifies the creation of a paddle attachment for the Wiimote.  Does at least 12 things with a pong blip I had never seen before.     Is exactly the kind of thing that should be on downloadable services.     Has co-op, which appa...

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A beat 'em up mmo 1

A beat 'em up mmo.  That really says it all.  If you don't like brawlers, then there's no point in going any further.  This is a straight up brawler, streets of rage style.  And it's a good one too.  Leaving everything else aside, it is fun to wander around and beat up stuff.  The mmo trappings are just gravy as far as I'm concerned.   The basic beat 'em up controls are there.  Movement is 2d with a psuedo z-plane, there's a punch button, a jump button, and a special attack.  Double tap left or ...

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A quick playthough isn't terrible... 0

I actually liked this more than I expected, which is to say I didn't completely hate it.  I actually bought this game for my Dad, from the bargain bin, because he pretty much exclusively plays shooters and does appear to have any discernment as to quality.  He let me borrow it, and I started the game up on easy because I didn't really want to spend that much time on it.  To the "unique feature" of terrain deformation.  I actually like this.  You solve some puzzles, create some cover, it looks co...

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It's not you, it's me 0

This is an amazing game.  As a shoot 'em up it plays perfectly, and it's binary color mode mechanic is unique.  But boy is it hard.  Not difficult.  Like abusive.  Like, my gamer self esteem can only take so much.  But as I said it's executed so well there is never a moment where you feel the game is cheating you.  You just aren't good enough.  It didn't take long before I turned down all the difficulty settings, and I was still getting my butt handed to me.  The essence of the game is this.  Yo...

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Tops Oblivion in every way but one. 2

This game is a phenomenal achievement. Oblivion is my all time favorite RPG, and Fallout is as good or better in almost every way. The graphics are better. The sound is fantastic. I absolutely love the radio stations, both the songs and the DJ's. The voice acting is generally excellent. The VATS combat system is extremely entertaining. Probably a necessary addition to handle guns in Oblivion's engine. The main story is more compelling and personal than Oblivion's. And there are many meaningful m...

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Take me down! 0

This game is amazing.  The graphics are amazing.  The crashing is the best crashing I've seen.  The races are fun.  Road Rage is super fun.  I'm no good at the stunt runs but I like screwing around.I don't judge this game for what it isn't.  It isn't a circuit racer.  It isn't a simulation.  It isn't any of the Burnout games that came before it. (Which is fine with me, I never played any of those.  What it is, is wide open, gorgeous, fast and brilliant online racing.p.s. It actually looks better...

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Games of the Year 0

I had the pleasure of coming to Orange Box as a huge fan of the original Halflife but never having played it's sequel.  Halflife 2 came out at a time when I was transitioning away from PC gaming.  While I felt some regret at the time I'm glad I got to wait for it.  It looks and plays great on the 360 and being able to play the original HL2 along with the two episodes was really satisfying.It's really hard to fit everything that makes Halflife 2 great into a capsule review like this.  So I'll jus...

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Per game dollar valuation 2

There are so many games of such widely varying type and quality, I'm just going to assign a monetary value to each game I've played so far and see what I get.  I never had a Genesis nor have I purchased any of these games on VC or XBLA so there's no repurchase problems for me.Alien Storm - $.50 Weird brawler, I've played several times attempting the acheivement.Alex Kidd - $.25  Just seems bad, not even Genesis level graphics.  More like a bad NES gameAltered Beast, Altered Beast arcade $1 - Ter...

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