I made a Persona 4 Arena Arcade Machine

So this is something I've had done for a little while. For whatever reason I never bothered to put it up here, even though I planned too. Well with all the news of Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold (amazing name by the way) I figured now would be a good time to show this thing off.

I'm not very good when it comes to writing so I'm just going to show the pictures. If anybody wants to know anything about it feel free to ask though.

All of the character art is the actual assets rips right from the game

I could only fit so many characters without it seems to cluttered so I went with my favorites.

The top of this is still actually not finished. I need to get a cover for the top of the marquee.
The art on the control board is based on the VS loading screen before a match.
The inside is just an Xbox 360, sound system, and a bunch of wires. I plan to add shelving at some point.


The Ending of FC3: Blood Dragon Won Me Over (SPOILERS)

For the most part I was enjoying my Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon experience. Similar to Jeff's thoughts in his review, I found the jokes to be hit or miss and I kind of wanted it to take itself more seriously in order to be funnier as a result. I was still enjoying it though.

And then the final act of the story happens. The entire ending is exactly what I wish the whole game had been like.

You get this crazy spirit journey that while doesn't quite fit the theme I really appreciated it.

I'm glad they finally put those assists from the weird ass dream sequences in the original game to good use.

Which then lead to a classic training montage...

Anyone know what the song they used for this part was? I didn't recognize it.

Which then in turn leads to a softcore sex scene.

This was both really awkward and yet really funny to me for some reason.

You then get into the final battle, where you get to use the Killstar, a completely game breaking weapon.

The trade off is it drains your health, but it does this so slowly that it doesn't even really matter.

The final battle with Sloan plays out in a cutscene, which I thought worked quite well as Far Cry was never good with "bosses."

Sloan's final speech was actually pretty entertaining and so over the top I was even able to forgive the star wars joke.

After the ending we get a "completely out of nowhere and yet I totally saw that coming" cliffhanger.

Is it a rule that bad Sci-Fi are suppose to end on really vague endings?

Finally, the credits play to the song, Friends (Forever) from the "so bad its glorious" 1987 film Miami Connection. I could not think of a more perfect song to end this game with. Also if you haven't seen Miami Connection, I suggest you check it out or at least watch the Red Letter Media video about it.

So yeah...

Blood Dragon does what Far Cry 3 did wrong, and ends on a high note. As a fan of terrible 80's movies the ending gave me exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier.


Made a Gaige poster for fun. Looking for input.

After beating my Maya playthough in Borderlands 2 I decided to jump back in for round with with Gaige (aka The Mechromancer). I'm really digging her. Her Anarchy ability is pretty crazy but really fun. Here's a good tip, unmap the reload key if your playing PC. It saves you a ton of stress.

Anyways I decided to make a Gaige poster in Illustrator and Photoshop late night because I needed to feel somewhat productive after all the games I've been playing. This is by no means serious, but a fun little thing on the side. I still love feedback however as I'm always looking to improve myself. Anyways, this is getting long winded so here you go.


I made a Skyrim Monopoly Board

I wanted to do something cool for my friend for this birthday. He's a huge fan of Skyrim so I decided to make him a Skyrim Monopoly Board. Let me tell you, this thing was way harder then I thought. My friend's birthday was over a month ago I am just giving it to him now (Other things got in the way as well). He didn't care though, he loves it. I'm not even done yet, I still have the property cards and player pieces to make.

Anyways I figured you guys might be interested in checking it out. Let me know what you think. Also sorry, I kept this short because I'm rather tired at the moment. If anyone is interested in details about this though I'd be glad to answer.

And now, pictures!

This is about a 1/4 the size of the actual image used.

Community Quick Look: The Darkness

Hey guys, here is a new installment in my still going community quick looks. This one was actually suppose to be posted last week but because of my internet being really bad, by the time it was put on youtube it was late Sunday night. And of course with E3 and all I figured posting it then would have been pointless. 
That aside, this weeks game is The Darkness. I started playing it again recently because of all the buzz around The Darkness 2. Its probably one of my favorite games this generation and one I still enjoy it greatly today. Thanks for watching and remember, I love feedback.


Previous Quick Looks

Ocarina of Time
MIrror's Edge + Perfect Dark Zero 
Star Wars: Dark Forces

Community Quick Look: Mirror's Edge + Perfect Dark Zero

Welcome to our second community quick look. We really appreciate all the great feedback from last time and tried to improve as much as we could. You may still notice some echo in the audio but thats a problem we can't really solve until we get better microphones. There are also now two quick looks instead of one. Thats because separated ourselves into pairs. Four people is just to hectic and with only two people we get a much more focused commentary. Its not always going to be two videos at once, this was just us testing out how splitting into pairs would work out.

There were also recommendations that I give some background on us so you guys get a better idea of who we are. I'm the only one of us who has a giantbomb account but feel free to heckle the other guys to making ones.
EDIT: Turns out both Dale and Cullen do have a giantbomb accounts, they just never use them. Dale's is TheGateKeeper216 and Cullen's is Loki7990.
Anyways, here's some quick info on us.


Thats me. I'm the guy who does the the technical work on these videos. I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember. My goal is to work as a video producer in the gaming press, basically Vinny's job, and my dream job would be to work for Whiskey Media. I love pretty much any kind of video game expect sports.


Dale plays fewer video games then most here do, but the ones he does play, he plays to death. Over 400 hours in Oblivion and 4 playthoughs of Mass Effect 2 are just a few examples of the kind of commitment he'll put into one game. He loves driving games, first person shooters, and anything made by Bethesda.


As long as its entertaining, Kai will play it. One of his favorite systems is the Gameboy Advance, with Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission being his go to games. Kai is a huge fan of Half Life and Portal and is still waiting for Episode 3.


At the young age of 5, Cullen acquired his first Nintendo 64. The rest was history. He loves RPGs and first person shooters.

With all that out of the way heres what you really came for, the quick looks. Once again your feedback as always welcome.
Thanks for watching.

Community Quick Look: Ocarina of Time

Hello giantbomb. For a while now I've always wanted to do something fun involving video as a way to practice my video production skills. The idea came to me when my friends and I were talking about the giantbomb quick looks, which we all enjoy greatly. We would always talk about how we wanted them to do a particular game, or do more quick look throwbacks. Its understandable why they don't do a lot of them, after all they're very busy, and thats when it hit me. Why don't we make our own quick looks?

Ok so heres our plan;
  • Have at least 1 quick look a week. We'll do more if we have the time.
  • Only do games that don't already have quick looks. Theres no point in repeating something that already exists.
  • Have fun. This isn't planning on being a serious thing. In th spirit of the quick looks, its all in good fun.
I will post each new video in a blog here on giantbomb. Even though these videos can be viewed by anybody, they are aimed more at the giantbomb community. The last thing I want from you guys is lots of feedback. Comment on this blog, the youtube video, or even PM me if you really want. This is our first time doing this and we want to keep making it better. Just don't, you know... be a dick or anything.

And with out further delay I give you...

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Thoughts

 I just finished playing a couple of hours of the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo for the Xbox 360 and I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts.

First let’s look back on Crysis 1. The original game had a multiplayer known as Crysis Wars, which was basically a Battlefield style gameplay with the Crysis powers. This idea seems to have been scrapped for Crysis 2 and replaced with a multiplayer that more closely follows Call of Duty. It has 4 default classes with the option to create custom ones. Weapons can be upgraded and customized and Nano Suit powers (perks) can be unlocked. You rank up in both overall status and for the 3 power types and your given challenges and statistics for everything you can think of. Now before you start yelling blasphemy, in a lot of ways I think this works really well for Crysis. Everything about the gameplay is super fast and to the point. You run fast, shoot fast, reload fast, and respawn fast. It’s all designed to maximize your playing time as much as possible, something that I had a lot trouble with in the first game's multiplayer.

The unique thing in Crysis is of course the Nano Suit powers. All your powers run of a single energy bar, so if you want to jump high, sprint, go invisible, or bring up your shields; you’re going to use some of the energy. Like everything else though, the bar refills quickly, making you wait only a few seconds before you can start using your powers again. Don't think you’re unstoppable however, in fact, depending on how you use your powers and at what time can change the outcome of combat. For example, if you spend all your time sprinting everywhere you won't have enough energy to bring up your shields when you come across an enemy, who you will most certainly kill you. The powers take some time getting you to, but there is a level to planning and strategy to them that makes using them a whole lot of fun.

It all seems to be about using certain guns and powers together to create the play style that works for you. I found myself doing rather poorly at first, getting few kills and dying a lot. Once I unlocked the shotgun class that all changed. By combining the shotgun with the armor power I could easy win head on encounters that would kill most people. I started to quickly rack up kills and have fewer deaths than before. It’s a cool experience to use weapons and powers together like that, and it’s something that most games don’t do.

Graphically the game looks good, but not amazing. There’s a lot of texture pop in and some of the scenery looks a little muddy. Since most of the footage I've seen of the game before has looked incredible, I'm going to assume that those videos were of the PC version and not the Xbox 360. Again, it’s not bad looking or anything, but if you’re the kind of person who wants to see some amazing graphics I'd say stick with the PC version. 

 Another issue I had was with the controls. Just like the graphics, they weren’t bad, they just didn't feel as smooth as most console FPSs do. The whole time I was playing all I thought about was how much better this would be with a Keyboard and Mouse.

Ok then, time to wrap this up. Crysis 2 has a pretty fun multiplayer that, while not anything new, still works very well and has tons of unlockables to keep you coming back. This demo has definitely convinced me that Crysis 2 will be worth my money, I'm just going to be playing it on my Monitor rather than my TV.


Fable 3: evil is the new good? (spoilers)

So I just beat Fable 3. Overall I enjoyed it just as much as Fable 2, which is to say a lot. Now I want to talk about the ending. No, not the problem that Brad had with it, although I agree with him on that part being stupid and badly designed. I want to talk about the way my ending played out and the rather odd message it seemed to be conveying to me. 
There are a total of four different ending based on whether you kept your promises and how much gold is in the treasury. 
They are as following... 

  • Good ending -  You kept your promises and got enough gold to defend Albion.
  • Somewhat Good ending - You kept your promises but did not have enough gold to defend Albion.
  • Kind of Bad ending - You did not kept your promises but got enough gold to defend Albion.
  • Bad ending -  You did not kept your promises and did not have enough gold to defend Albion.
I decided to go down the evil path for my first play-though. When I became king and it was time to decide on my promises I did not keep them (thats what evil people do after all). Because of this I acquired lots of gold and it was more then enough to fill the treasury. So, I ending up with the "Kind of bad ending". 
Now here's why I say kind of bad. As I'm breaking my promises and siding with Reaver, I'm destroying Albion. People hate me, the land starts looking crappy, and my karma meter dropped right into the red. But once I stopped the Crawler my standing changed. Because I had enough gold, no one died, and because no one died I was proclaimed a hero and loved by all! Even in the final scene with  Theresa she told me that betraying my allies was the right thing to do because it saved Albion. So I guess its ok to be evil as long as you save everyone? 
Ok, so what happens if you get the opposite ending which is the "Somewhat good ending"? Well, everyone loves you because your keeping your promises and making Albion a better place. But since you don't get enough money tons of people die and now everyone hates you. The "Kind of bad ending" seems sort of better doesn't it? 
So the message of Fable 3's ending is that its better to do the wrong thing rather then the right thing as long as the ends justify the means. I don't know about you but that seems like a shitty moral to me. 
Still, its a great game with some annoying flaws thats worth getting. Now I'm off to start my good female play-though.
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