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Do you really have to vote using Twitter or Facebook? Fuck that shit.

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I think my Quinari looks ok, but I feel like i could do better though.

Do I love being a Quinari because in cut-scenes you are just towering over everyone in height.

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Knights of the Old Republic and Republic Commando are the first two that come to mind.

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I hope this gets fixed quick. My copy is coming in the mail today and I carved out my night for some Halo time.

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My copy should come in the mail later today.

GT: goatman42

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Oh man, this is great. TIE Fighter will forever hold a special place in my heart as it was the first video game I ever played.

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This thread just reminded me that our only taco bell near by shut down :(

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First time seeing the trailer for Horns. That actually looks pretty interesting.

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I do miss that goddamn basement. Always seemed like the coolest place to work.

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"Rather than going with Jane, I set Clem off alone. Doing so resulted in a scene of Clem, by herself, smearing walker guts on herself as she carries AJ through a horde of zombies. Kind of a bad-ass moment, I guess, but to me it felt oddly empty. Even though it was almost exactly what I thought would happen at the end of the game (as predicted here), it didn’t satisfy me in the least."

You nailed it for me Alex. This is the exact ending I got and while I predicted it like you, it felt empty to me in a way I can't fully explain.