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Fuck, Alex. I am so glad you exist. GOD DAMN REAL TALK.

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I agree with @masternater27.

and for myself it was well worth it. Maybe it wasnt worth the money for you but man that was the best 20 bucks Ive spent in years.

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no no. oh my god.

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i wish Shane the best in whatever he does, but honestly, i cant stand him. i disagree with him on most everything. He and marcus were the reasons i left GT. They seem like fine guys, i just am not into the way the cover games.

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@VisariLoyalist: Oh thanks!! i appreciate it! There is a soundtrack if you would like to download it.

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Thanks!@BadSniper52: thanks!

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@TheHBK: Thanks so much! and thats awesome. I am not an MIT student myself, i'm a RISD student. That place is amazing though. Tw0 nuclear reactors on campus! TWO!

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@Rattle618 said:

I dont know who worked on the music, but very clever and well done sir! I just wanted to congratulate the musician/musicians that worked on this cause they dont seem to be getting a lot of praise in here, which is a shame.

I like the art too btw.

If you are really into the music, you can download the Soundtrack! It's awesome!


our audio designer composed, mastered and produced all of the music himself. Had his friend play cello for him to record. enjoy!

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