Dragon Age: Origins

So I just finished showing the Archdemon what's what and DAMN! I say DAMN! Playing that game was like a second job. It was so good and so engrossing that I couldn't put it down for hours on end.  If I had to nitpick I would say the learning curve for combat is a little steep. I found myself just throwing it on casual after I died in the same place 5 times.  The story was so satisfying. It is easily one of the best rpgs i have ever played


Arkham Asylum Conclusion

I finished playing this game the other day and I have to say it is truly a stunning game. I have had a checkered history with platformers in the past. but it seems like all I needed was the right one to come along.  The combat system is intuitive and awesome though I did have trouble ever getting past a 10x multiplier, but this isn't an issue with the game, just my ability to control it.  The stealth elements of the big rooms with lots of guns in them can frustrating for someone like me is a more run and gun kind of player, but once i got used to the absolute necessity of stealth I was able to make due.  The puzzle elements were interesting and I actually enjoyed them unlike most puzzles.  This is probably due to the fact that the puzzles aren't necessary to move forward and they're something you can just attack at your leisure.  


Arkham Asylum First Reactions

Ok so first impression isn't a fair description because the game forced me to play for 8 hours non-stop because it's that damn good.  Basically I love every aspect of the game so far. More to come when I invariably finish it in one or two more sittings.

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Goodbye World!

In the next few weeks I am going to be playing Arkham Asylum and Dragon Age:Origins. Back in 2009 I shirked these games because I simply thought I wouldn't like them. Well, with both of their sequels coming out soon or already here and both of them seeming to be really kick ass, I must catch up. Silly me for not playing them sooner.  I will be posting periodically to tell you all how correct you all were and how much of a fool I was to have skipped them.  


Fallout New Vegas

More of the same. That's the thought that kept coming to mind whenever I played through this game. I put somewhere between 15-20 hours into this game and mostly critical pathed it.  My experience was fun, but never fully engaging or as exciting as Fallout 3 was.  The addition of modding your gun was entirely lost on me as I never did it once and I never had any incentive too.  The warring factions part was interesting, but I cared very little about either of the factions and I ended up just pulling a Yojimbo and playing both sides to serve my own needs.  I also went through the entire game without encountering a companion to recruit.  I acknowledge that I didn't actively seek one out, but if throughout the entire course of the main storyline I didn't even encounter one of them, then that certainly seems odd to me.  Another thing that irritated me? Corazon. That's all I have to say about that subject.  Overall, I enjoyed the game, but it was underwhelming.  They say war never changes, I guess neither does game design....


Halo Reach Multiplayer

While I did enjoy the multiplayer it just seemed like more of the same with a few extra additions. When it comes down to Halo or COD, they both have strong multiplayer modes, each with their own strengths., I just personally enjoy COD more.

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Halo Reach Single Player

I just finished the single player campaign and I've got some gripes.  I played through the whole game on heroic and I was fine with this difficulty until about the seventh level. That's when the game reverted to the old halo format of kill one guy, run as far away as possible to get a checkpoint and then run back.  Rinse. Repeat. It becomes a battle of attrition with the biggest casualty being the fun.  I think the reason I had such a boring, grind-y time towards the end is the unavoidable fact that the AI is too intelligent.  Almost at all times I felt like I was outgunned and out-skilled. The enemies went as far as tagging me with a plasma grenade seconds after I died (almost every time) as if they were programmed with taunt functionality.  Don't even get me started on how much of a chore it was to kill the super elites that were white or the zealot class elites that are seemingly the only beings sentient enough to wield two weapons in this iteration.  Anyone that is tired of a two hunter encounter, please raise your hand now. *Fervent hand-raising with a sad face* Keep in mind that all of my complaints are based on Heroic mode. I probably would be bald from ripping out my hair if I had tried to play on Legendary.  Ok I think those are all of things that I didn't like. Moving on to the good .
 I DID like the story quite a bit. Everyone had pretty epic deaths. Oh wait, except for Kat. It almost seemed like they wasted all their creative juices on making awesome deaths for everyone else and then just said f*** it. Running into unknown snipers is good enough. I won't judge though, because maybe some people thought it had a deeper meaning? The jetpack was a pretty neat addition to the game even though I only used it for the one portion of the game where it was required.  Actually the only thing I ever used was Run, which was a welcome addition to the game.
Well I suppose I'll play the multiplayer for an hour or two before putting this game to bed. 


Halo Reach Initial Reactions

I just finished the third level. I don't know if this is a personal error or not, but the worst thing I've experienced so far are the cut scenes.  They are very laggy and pixel-y as hell.  The gameplay and story seem to be going well though.  I didn't know how to melee for about half an hour and kept smashing the B button until I pushed the RB out of curiosity. Then I discovered the button layout had changed completely. Maybe I should have leafed through that instruction manual.  Also, personally I find that pushing the LB to spring is incredibly annoying, but I understand the limitations of the controller.  After playing so much Call of Duty Black Ops lately I also found myself wanting to crouch all the god damn time.  These are petty personal gripes though and the game seems to be shaping up to be fun. Looking forward to the rest. 



I just bought Singularity and everything is seeming to go along well. The backwards r in literally every intertitles is, to a russian speaker, so aggravating you couldn't even imagine. I don't why video games need to capitalize on this. We get it, the game takes place in Russia.  I got stuck already in one section. I hope the game doesn't do this to me all the time.  

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