A Snowy Halloween

It's been awhile since I made a blog over here at Giant Bomb so now is a good time to.  As you may know, Halloween is tomorrow.  It's a night to run around getting candy from strangers but, last night something happened.  Last night we had a huge snow storm and got a crap ton of snow.  I'm not sure how much but, more then I usually get here (maybe I can find out how much later) in my humble town in Nebraska.  Here are a couple pictures I took of the snow around my house.

Apparently we got so much snow, about half the town is closed down.  Thank god I don't have to go anywhere today so I'm going to sit on my ass and hopefully all the snow melts by tomorrow night.  It's supposed to be around 50 tomorrow so, that should help.
Well, I hope you guys have a dry Halloween tomorrow.
EDIT:  I got roughly 12 to 14 inches of snow on the ground right now.

Not bad.

There will be people who love the new features coming out.  While I'm not really into the whole social networking thing at the moment, they are neat little features.  I just wish they are a little better.  There really isn't much to the Twitter app.  You just post your status and well, that's pretty much it.  With Facebook, I wish you could chat with your friends online (the IM thing) from your Xbox.  The Last.fm addition will be used by a lot of people I think.  Just search for something you like an away you go.  I just wish you could use last.fm outside the application it self.  All and all, they are nice but, Facebook and Twitter could have used a little more work but, they still get the job done.


My thoughts on Halloween (H2). (Spoilers)

Just a few hours ago I seen Halloween 2 (aka H2).  The film wasn't to shabby.  I can say is that it's different for a Halloween movie and you can definitely tell that Rob Zombie made it.  Just like all Zombie movies, the death scenes are brutal.  "STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB and one more stab to make sure they are dead" is probably what Michael thinks when he kills someone.  The story kinda wasn't there.  Michael is back and he wants Laurie, plain and simple.  Then there were a few goofy scenes when you think "Am I really watching a Halloween film?"  They are just bizarre, you can tell they're from Rob Zombie's twisted mind.
There are some flash backs to when Michael was young but, it's not the same actor from the first Zombie movie, it's a completely different kid.  On to another strange scene.  As some people may now,  Weird Al Yankovic is in the film  He is in a scene where Dr. Loomis goes to a talk show to talk about criticism towards his new book.  The Host (Chris Hardwick) tells Loomis what people think about the book and asks Loomis what he thinks of the criticism.  It was a goofy scene and it really wasn't needed in the film.
Over all I thought it was a good movie.  Probably not as good as Zombie's first Halloween movie but, still good.
P.S.  I'm not very good a critiquing stuff.  :P  Also if you want to know what the whole movie is in a nutshell, check out the Wikipedia page.
H2 Super Spoilers (Don't click if you don't want the movie spoiled.)


Yes, I do.

Yes I do because there are a lot of great downloadable games that you can only get from a digital store.


Finally Got My Street Fighter IV Fightstick

Today I finally got my stick.  I've been wanting one for a while now but, I didn't the money.  Two days ago was my birthday and I got some money to go towards.  So far I like it.  I just need to get used to using a Japanese style arcade stick now.  Well, I just need to get used to an arcade stick.  I've never owned a stick before in my life.  Here is a un-boxing video I made for it.   I know that there are hundreds of this videos out there but, I wanted to make the video.  I haven't made a video in a while so I felt like making one.  Hope you enjoy the video.


19 Years Old I Am!

Today is my 19th birthday!  I really don't fell any older.  Today just feels like another summer day to me right now.  For gifts I just got money but, I'm going to use that money and finally get at Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Arcade stick.  I've been wanting one for a very long time now.  I guess another present is the Bombcast.  Best present ever?  One more thing is that today the new dashboard update comes out, which I already have from being in the preview program.  I guess I could go buy some scratch tickets now.  I will laugh if I hit big with my first one.   I guess I will finish this blog and go do something, don't feel like making a long blog.  Anyways, happy birthday to me!

This cake is not a lie.

w00t, Got The New Dashboard Update

Yeah!  I got selected to preview the new dashboard.  After playing around with it for like 10 min, I really like it.  The dashboard and guide seem to be faster, love the user review stuff for marketplace, and sorting your friends list.  I also like the Gold Veterans thing.  It shows how many years you have been a subscriber to Xbox Live.  It shows 2 for me so, I have been a subscriber for 2 years.  Another neat addition is that it shows you how many games you have gotten all the achievements in (both arcade and retail games.)  It shows only 8, which is sad since I have played a crap ton of games.  Something I really don't care for is the avatar marketplace.  There is some neat stuff but, it's far to expensive.  I would rather get something else then pay for something for my avatar.  I can't check out all the new Netflix stuff because, I'm not a subscriber.  The avatar awards stuff is going to be neat when they start doing it.  There is also the new "Solutions" tab under "My Xbox."  It gives you some tips about NAT ploblems, Xbox Live Statues, and some other stuff.  Well, so far I enjoy it and I took some pictures of it.  Anyone else get selected for it?  P.S.  I'm the first person to give Superman Returns 1 star.  w00t!  P.S.S.  For the TV Shows picture, I seen there was nothing there for some reason.  Just thought it would be kinda funny to take a picture of it.