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Posted by LordAndrew

There are two things that dictate which character I choose in a fighting game:
1) How hot the character looks
2) Whether my frantic button-mashing "strategy" makes cool stuff happen
I just don't have the dedication needed to actually learn a character's moves and develop decent strategies. :(

Posted by jlrm01
@LordAndrew: Well, #1 sure plays a part for me. hehehe. I normally like fast characters, like Chun-Li, but in BlazBlue's case, the fastest / cutest (Taokaka) isn't my favorite, for some strange reason. Litchi is kind of slow...
I've always loved fighting games, but rarely do I dedicate a lot of time to them. The first was SFII. Now I'm enjoying SFIV quite a great deal. However, I'm never as good as I would like to be, so I end up getting kicked around a lot (Symphony doing quite a bit of that). :( But, I do dish my own ass kickings, too. hehehe. So satisfying. ^^
Posted by Axersia

You think Taokaka's cute? I think she's kind of creepy, actually (it's the Black Mage-style face).
Anyway, for me #1 plays a major role as well. It determines which character I initially play as, and often times that ends up being the right one for me. Obviously control and weaponry (if applicable) is important as well. I like controlling characters with swords and shields, so in Soulcalibur I mainly play as either Sophitia or Cassandra (or Link in SC2) -- though I like Talim quite a bit as well for her speed.

Posted by Daveyo520


Posted by Gigapig

*Gulps* Oh dear, a Litchi player! I'll have to pit my Noel on you one day...