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They could have at least made the insults at least funny reasons to take a hit out on someone. I mean saying 47 can identify him with by his small penis and he wants to kill him for bad odour or something is too insulting to be funny all the time and could be abused with people you don't like.

An identifier like "will be droning on about favorite band as per usual" and reason is "he never gave me that game back I lent him" seem more like what a friend would say in taking a joke hit on you.

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As a guy who is completely sensible and doesn't say any of this stuff I hear and don't flirt with my female work mates or friends like a jackass and even refused a raise I would get over other girls (because they were part time) I kind of get annoyed that I have to hear this criticism all the time. I couldn't give a toss who you are or what you look like, just be a sound person. That's all.

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Sounds a bit like Metro had its MP cut because the team was being cut or downsized and it saved them money as apposed to it being solely for the SP's benefit. I won't be risking a pre-order anyway. These games need decent reviews for me to feel safe buying them now for sure.