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a Palo Alto company has unveiled a prototype for a working hoverbored. too bad thay beat VinCo too this.Tech startup unveils hoverboard

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What do we want vincast. When do we want it when ever Drew uploads it!!

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I just got off of work and I'm sitting in my car for the last 20 mins waiting, hopeing that it gets posted soon so I can have bombcast goodness for my drive home. Hope I'm not here all night.

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Its 6:41pm in the bay area there is still time.

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I don't know about u but I can't get enough of "the Abbey" That's what me and my bros call the show "The Abbey". The show is a great soap opera . I was curious if anyone on my favorite gaming sites would be into it as well. Also do u guys think any of the Giant Bomb crew would be into it like Brad he did like brothers.whats your thoughts on the best TV shows out there. PS if anyone has seen the 4th season already ( its aired in the uk already)its OK too talk about it here.

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I realize after I posted the forum topic it would cause confusion dame it, "I'm Fed up with this world !" Ok for those of you that came in here for stuff on Tommy Wiseau's movie The Room here you go. Greg (oh hi Mark) Sistaro just put out a book about the making of The Room and his wired but touching friendship with Tommy the book is call The Disaster Artists and It's a must read for any fan of The Room ,It hilarious. Also keeping with video games someone made a game of The Room it's a 8 bit adventure game where you play as Johnny getting everything ready for Lisa and the party like buying her flowers and picking up her red dress ( which she looks Lovely in) It's actually pretty well-made , It's a browser game. Ok enough wiseau off too open the rooms first puzzle :)

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I haven't had a chance too play it yet but as soon as I saw it on the App Store I immediately downloaded it . If anyone has had a chance too play it yet what are your thoughts? As for me I can't wait for more great Puzzle boxes too open.

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