Kayne & Lynch, not bad but could have been so much more.

I started off really enjoying Kayne & Lynch 1, but about 2 3rds (maybe more, in Havana now) of the way through the game, it's full of frustrations. I like the characters, no they aren't likeable but who says stories have to be centred around likeable characters? It's interesting because they really aren't very likeable, and definitely preferable to the massive douche(s)  games sometimes throw at you, but really, really wants you to like *coughgearsofwarcough*. The shooting and especially the cover system isn't great but I've found it workable, even the squad based stuff, not finding it a massive problem. The problem is the game is simply too hard, but not in a test of skill way, just in a dumping you into situations you aren't properly equipped for and can only get through once you fail a few times and learn the sequences of events off by heart, it throws too many waves of enemies at you, and you go down just as easily as they do, meaning that it's now along side Mirror's Edge and Black as those games that just make me want to break something. Doing the same scene over, and over, and over again until you get it right isn't fun, and isn't compelling. I could have finished it today but I needed a break, tomorrow I'll get it done, but while I don't hate it, I've gone from finding it actually surprisingly refreshing and competent, to another average "could have been". Glad I only paid a fiver for it.