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I'm relieved to hear it's coming for the PC. In earlier news about Dead Space 2 they never mentioned PC. Can't wait to buy it and play it! :)

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Definetly pc for me. Collectors Editon!

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A PC version. I have the original on the PC but iv'e not heard of a PC version of the sequel. I really hope it will eventually come for the PC but i guess because of low income of the original on that platform that might not happen. If it doesn't then i'll cry...almost.
I just loved the original.

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@Jimbo said:

" I think you're confused about the term 'Nazi'.  Nazi is derived from National Socialist Workers' Party (the political party ruling Germany during WW2).

You can't refer to all German WW2 soldiers as 'Nazis', in the same way that you can't refer to all current US servicemen as Democrats.

It's an important distinction because "Would you play as a Nazi?" is a totally different question to "Would you play as a German Soldier?"

I think you meant the latter, which we've done plenty of times already (Day of Defeat for example.)  Generally speaking, playing as Wehrmacht is considered acceptable, but playing as Waffen SS (essentially the Nazi Party's own private army - the bad guys) isn't. "

I was about write the same thing until i saw your post Jimbo. Not all germans under WW2 were nazis even though they fought for germany. Actually many in the Whermacht were opposed to the nazi party and the ss. You can see this in both the old Cross of Iron movie or the newer Valkyrie.
Unteroffizier Sneider from Cross of Iron would be perfect as a character in a game. Actually a game based on that movie or those characters would be great!
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True Blood
Supernatural (the early stuff atleast) 
The 4400

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I like GFW Live. It's fun to be able to get achievements on pc games. Makes it just a little more fun to play. The patching is also a good thing although it can sometimes be a bit slow. I hope more games get live but i also insist on it being an alternative and not a nessecity.

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It's still a bit slow..

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Gears of War (windows) has appeared on my list now. Thanks.

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I bought and installed Gears of War for the PC just a couple of days ago and it doesn't show on my achievement page. I don't mean to complain i'd just thought i'd let you know.

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I'm getting this for the PC. As with all my games.