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I'm here cause after reading about the Gamespot incident, I casually decided to check this site out. I like the way the guys review and talk about games because it reminds me of how I talk about games with my friends. I'm particularly a fan of the Endurance Run.  My favourite video game series is Metal Gear Solid. I currently own a PS3 although I enjoy a good 360 game every now and then, if I can ever pry my brother away from his. I used to own a Wii but since I normally go to my friends houses to hang out instead of hosting them at my house, the party fun games that the Wii excels in weren't really getting much use. I also wanted to buy a car so I sold the Wii and all my games/accessories. Now that Lucasarts is releasing all the Super Star Wars SNES games, I regret this decision...Maybe I can get my girlfriend to buy a Wii.
Aside from videogames, my biggest hobby is listening to music. I could talk about it for hours, you know...if anyone of my friends actually shared my taste. If anyone wants to know what I'm about, you can check out my profile at  http://rateyourmusic.com/~mrtruthless.