What i've been playing.

Well for someone thats given up achievements ive earned a hell of a lot of achievements in the past week, ive kind of gone overboard for some reason, perhaps its because I want to get to 60k, im not quite sure.

Godfather 2:
Loved this game! it was seriously fantastic, I must just like the whole gangster genre because I really loved the first one as well. The new strategy element (although very very simple and something I wish they had gone into more depth with) is fantastic and reminds me a lot of the old PC game Gangland which I happened to love as well. The combat is very...unpolished? it kind of feels like a late ps1 game in some respects, not least of which is the archaic cover system that simply doesnt work. Loved the game so much that I had no problem getting the full 1000/1000. Cant wait for the next one.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe:
Wasnt impressed by this, after playing through arcade mode once I was done with the game and continued only for the points, the fighting system is bland and its just very meh. I liked the premise of the game, the whole crossing over of universes thing but other than that I didnt find much to enjoy. I found myself really missing the little mini-games that used to be in the Mortal Kombat games, they really added some character and humour to an otherwise bland game. Got about 520/1000 with this, the rest of the achievements were insane combo and online ones which I just could not be bothered with.

AC/DC song pack:
Rented it just so I could get the points from it, I was really suprised at the format of this, its literelly just a stand alone, stripped down version of rock band with only 18 tracks in. Im not a fan of AC/DC at all but it was pretty fun, some of the guitar parts caught me off a couple of times but other than that I breezed through it, a few of the charts are pretty fun, especially Thunderstruck which features a mega-long and slower version of TTFAF's intro. The only achievement I didnt manage to get was the 100% a song on vocals, that was just beyond me. Got 215/250 out of it.

Rock Band song pack 2:
Again rented it just for the points, there were a few fun songs in there and I managed to get all the achievements without any problem, I already had some of the DLC but meh, it was alright, I played through on guitar and Dani California took me off guard at the end, christ that song is hard at first. Got 250/250 out of it.

Broken Sword:
Yay! I played this on the Wii and loved it, I originally started it when I was like 9 or something so finally getting to finish it was fantastic, I didnt really like the new hint system though, it took a lot of the challenge out of the game and managed to just make me lazy and click it rather than work out the solution to a puzzle. The new (I think?) Nico bits wernt great though that may just have been because I was looking to play what I remembered rather than any new content. Also is it just me or did they make that goat puzzle a lot easier? I remember being stuck for days on that before but here I did it in like a minute by accident. Would definitely play the second one if they bring it out.

So yeah this was all in the space of under a week, ive got a day or so until my next 3 lovefilm games come to me so ive got time to play one of my own games for a change, im thinking mass effect, never managed to get too far into that.  I need a job.


My 360 is back! and music stuff.

So I've finally got my 360 back from the chop shop, and while the reasonable guy in me thinks that two weeks is a very impressive turn around, it was still hell. I tried to fill the void with a few last gen games, Psychonaughts, Halo 2 and Gitaroo Man and couldn't bring myself to play any of them. Ah well, its here now. For some reason I also bought a boat-load of new games while it was away, I'm a sucker for a good deal.

Monster Madness
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Need for Speed Pro Street
Call of Duty 3
Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit
Condemned 2

But despite all of that ive only played Burst Limit (pretty bad so far, but it was free) and Monster Madness which was a pleasant suprise.

In non-game related news, im seeing All Shall Perish on Monday which should be interesting, Hadnt really heard any of their stuff since yesterday, but their new album is pretty damn awesome. Also a tour featuring Slipknot, Machine Head and Children of Bodom has been announced in my home town, I cant fucking wait, I love Machine Head. Im debating whether to go to the Unholy Alliance Tour as well (Slayer/Trivium/Mastodon/Turisas) i've never really been the biggest fan of Slayer and can live without the other bands, its really expensive as well, like £30.

/signing out