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Thank you Ryan for the years of good humor and fun hi-jinx! GB won't be the same, you are missed!

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Most corps/alliances in the CFC are a good place for new players that have an interest in null PVP. GME is a pretty classy group as well, i'd fly with them happily.

New players that get successful tackles are known to be well rewarded.

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FYI for new players. The item he gets sells for 500~ mil isk. Hold out for 250m. Welcome to EVE. =)

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@peterh: If you sub PM me and I'll split the sub reward with you. I don't need it badly and I'm happy to help a new player.

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@RadecAU None that I know of but if you intend to subscribe the potential wealth is worth what ever you've earned during a trial so far.

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@kinggiddra: So... the part he left out is if you sub he gets an item worth about 1/2 billion isk.

I mentioned that very clearly in this thread. The original post didn't include that link. I only added it after a week and we saw a bunch of people actually joining the channel after it was just a couple of us for a year.

Then you're more honest than most in EVE =P

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@radecau: https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=ec484277-e092-4e9d-aae1-16f37d40c743&action=buddy

Here is a trial key.

My best advice, trust no one. Think critically and realize the game is a sandbox, make your own fun don't expect it to be fed to you.

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@gaston said:

I think I might start today, waiting for an invite to the 21 day program though :P


There's a buddy link. Contact me if you sub and I'll split the plex with you.

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@kinggiddra: So... the part he left out is if you sub he gets an item worth about 1/2 billion isk.

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For any duders that Dave inspired to take a look at EVE here is a buddy trial link:


This link lets you create an account as a "buddy" key from my account. If you end up subbing it gives me a valuable item (look into "PLEX" if you want to know more). Which, being the space rich Duder I am I will share with you (this is a common courtesy with buddy accounts). For a new player its a huge amount of ISK.

Also feel free to post here if you guys have questions about the game.