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Hey Giantbombers! I guess this should be my 'About Me' page, in which I talk about mystical conquests and cookies that I like to eat.
My name is Wes Gardner, and no, I'm not the professional baseball pitcher. However, I have been a freelance "games journalist" since 2004, helping create many projects/websites/podcasts. I've helped with an old Penny Arcade off-shoot called TeamHomp, was a writer and contributing duder for Oranjive Radio, and I helped co-create two websites: No Quarter Productions (which is sadly gone), and Nitrobeard (which is still alive and kicking, podcast and all). I used to keep a blog on 1up (before the Ziff/UGO buyout), but after slowly shifting my focus over to Nitrobeard, I stopped posting it.
Being a fan of old-school Gamespot, and being downright enthralled during the On The Spot golden era of Rich/Jeff/Brad/Ryan/Greg/Vinny/Alex, it's only natural I show my support to the finest duders on the web, by moving my casual gaming blog over to GiantBomb, and the Whiskey Media family. 
Give me a shout if you want to hang out, or have any questions about things. For the record, though, the cookies I eat? Chips Ahoy Chewy Chocolate Chip.
PS: Visit Nitrobeard. A balanced diet requires as much!