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Time to watch Spaceballs again.

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@CableCarrier: Game is supposedly coming out in April, the dust will settle until then. If not, they'll step forward and do an apologetic stunt like some % of sales go to the great industry efforts of Anita Sarkeesian.

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@LarryDavis said:

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I don't need 2 sensationalist-tainted articles to tell me Deep Silver sucks at marketing.... (Remember the first trailer of Dead Island....)

If anything this proves they're great at marketing, because I bet a lot of people bought Dead Island because of that trailer. Also, would anyone even still be aware Riptide is coming out if it weren't for this statue debacle? I didn't even know it was a sequel until this thing erupted, I just figured it was some sort of downloadable spinoff.

Also, I wouldn't want to hide all Deep Silver-related news, since now they own Volition/SR and Metro.

God damn it.

Make a 3D render of an offensive statue. Promote a fake collector edition. Never intend on actually manufacturing it.

Melissa Cooke, writer for FemmeGamer

Personally, I think that it's rather disgusting that Deep Silver decided to sell this.

Everyone's talking about your game. Free publicity.

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You know something, I just noticed that this article's title is a horrible take on the 2 girls 1 cup thing.

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Great, reached the page after the live programming question and none of the buttons appeared.

Refreshed and got a confirm form resubmission. Not going over all that again, sorry.

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To be honest, it was a bit weird when I stopped listening at work to go back to home and find out that my times didn't match.

Apparently they cut out the Zynga vs EA comments before the hiccup.

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Is there even going to be a next year for THQ? :(