My Top Ten Games of the Year and a few extras

This is my top ten games of the year, as well as my favorite game to come out last year and my favorite backlog game that I happened to play through this year.

Honorable Mentions

Murdered: Soul Suspect

I really enjoyed my time with this game, enough to were I ended up playing it again for collectibles I missed and to see if there were any story things I could have picked up on before the twist happens at the end of the game. There was a couple of frustrating parts to the game but not enough to make me not wanna play through and enjoy that place they created.

Infamous Second Son

Alright, I think this game is amazing, but as someone who really enjoys doing side missions in a game like this and tend to play games for the story, this didn't really do much for me. I did however play through the game twice, collect everything twice, and I will do it again if I have extra time because of how fun it was to play.

Favorite Backlog Entry

Metal Gear Solid 2

Because Drew was playing through this game I felt I should just go ahead and play this on my on in a sitting or two and gotta say everything about it was close to amazing. There were a few parts that I think are really bad gameplay wise, but it doesn't come close to affecting how insane that story got and what you end up doing in that game.

2014's 2013 Game of the Year

Battlefield 4

I love Battlefield 4. to the way it plays to how fun the multiplayer is, I think it is amazing. I ended up getting all of the DLC that was released as well as getting all the trophies in the base game. Even for a campaign that didn't hit Call of Duty standards of non stop excitement, I still played it twice and had fun. Not one game has come close to that multiplayer to me and I will keep playing it until they are able to top it.

My Top Ten Games

10. Watch Dogs

Let me start by saying how much I dislike Watch Dogs on an Overall standard. I feel this game is disappointing in a bunch of ways, but most of that didn't affect me going in to 100% this game. I did all of the side missions, beat the game, did the multiplayer and got all the trophies. This may have been helped with me having the bombcast on a majority of the time that I played this game but I did still enjoy my time with it. It is a perfect game, but it isn't terrible. I wish I got it when it became cheap but this was a game that I needed to know about when it came out because of how excited I was before release.

9. Halo Master Chief Collection

Man, I wish this game was broken. But, with it being broken, it did not stop me from putting in at least 50 hours or so playing each game multiple times, getting into a few dozen multiplayer matches, and already getting half of the achievements. I feel they did right with their overall plan with this game, but it is still broken for a lot of people, and that really sucks. Not being able to play with friends and the game crashing, to me playing with 3 other friends to speed run the game specifically for certain achievements and not having them pop up really is annoying. But it's Halo, and I love Halo, and I will keep playing this game because of how much I miss playing these games.

8. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

I never got around to playing this game when it originally launched because felt the PC version was the version to get and I didn't have a PC at the time. But when they announced it was coming to PS4 I felt it was time to go ahead and get this game. I am glad I did because I felt like it was a great action adventure game. It reminded me of what I really enjoyed from the Uncharted series and added a good openish world to it and made leveling up and crafting fun and had me going of the beaten path to find stuff. I didn't even touch the mutliplayer because I didn't really feel like it at the time but that didn't seem too important to this game. I was there for a Lara Craft story and that is what I got, and it was great.

7. Trials Fusion

Every Trials game that comes out since HD, I got and tried to get every medal in them. HD was one of the best arcade games I had and beating friends best times made going back to it even more fun. And that same thing is back with Trials Fusion. They made some good tracks that was challenging to me adding challenges to all the tracks was a very smart idea to me. It made me wanna try and do them all, and the DLC they added, which may not be much so far, is making it more fun and reminding me of the other games of the series and why I enjoy them so much.

6. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is the first Rayman game I have ever played. It is a great time to start the series as the controls felt amazing and going through each level multiple times to make sure I got all the teensies was extremely fun. The music and bonus levels made this one of my favorite games ever, and I wouldn't mind another game in this series, no matter how long they decide to wait.

5. Wolfenstein

God damn I love Wolfenstein. I think this game should be played by everyone because of how much fun it was just shooting everything. Going by just stealthily shooting dudes in the head with a silenced gun to dual wielding to heavy machine guns triggers pulled down a room never got old. They even added a bunch of stuff to the universe to read while going through and it is nice to play a game where your character actually talks, even though he practically whispers every single line. I beaten this game several times and was not bored once.

4. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

This edition to the Call of Duty franchise may be the best one since Modern Warfare 2 to me. The campaign felt super solid and action packed with spots that looked incredible. At times I forgot the cutscenes were CGI for a few seconds because of how well they did the mocap. The new improvements to the movement may be the best thing they did to the series since they added support killstreaks for people who aren't great at it, like me. I feel like the campaign is near perfect and the only thing I wanted was a longer campaign.

3. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment

Sherlock Holmes is an amazing character. And they made him practically perfect in this game. This is the first Sherlock Holmes game I ever played and it is a perfect time to try it out. Being able to solve cases the wrong way and still be able to do it, finding clues that you have to believe are relevant, and to a bunch of great puzzles (not lock picking) were amazing. I was excited to come home to play this game to see how some of these cases ended, but the only thing wrong is there is basically no replay value, but there experience going through was one of the best times I had all year.

2. South Park: The Stick of Truth

Let me start by saying I never watch South Park and really love this game. What they did to that shows universe is spot on. To the few episodes I seen years ago look exactly like this and the comedy was always funny. They made one of the best RPGs I have ever played and I am currently going to go back through during the holiday break because of how much fun it was to play through it. There isn't much I can say other than everyone who enjoys comedy or RPGs need to play this game, and if you don't you are insane.

1. Dark Souls 2

Let me start by saying Dark Souls 2 is a perfect game for crazy people, and I happen to be crazy. I beat the game on PS3 and bought it again when it released on PC, and beat it there too. I am still going back again to do the DLC and try out other things I may have missed along the way. I freaking love this game. Learning boss moves and enemy designs made it worth the 100 hours I put into both versions and I would gladly do it again. The visual mods people made make it even more fun to play because at times it looks incredible. Trying to figure out how to beat certain bosses before the guides were available and trying to find other people with the same problems as you trying to come up with ideas made it the best experience in games I had all year.


Hey, I'm doing an Extra Life stream tomorrow.

So with several streams hitting early tomorrow, with Patrick and other users of the site, I thought I would go ahead and mention mine. This is going to be the first time I needed to stay awake for 24 hours outside of work so this will be a first and is something I always wanted to try with games. But, that isn't why I want to do this, as I really wanna help raise money for children. When I was a kid I needed to have a heart surgery and I was able to have it done because of a children's charity. With that, raising money to help other kids in need with cancer and to have a healthy life, I am all for it. To everyone else streaming or watching, enjoy Extra Life this year.

I will be playing games that have been in my backlog for a while

  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • and Styx Master of Shadowsif I make it to it.

My Extra Life page is Extra Life

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Join me if you can, I will be streaming from 10am(EST) Thursday 23rd-10am(EST) Friday

Happy Streaming everyone!