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I've been trying to change the emblem on the second 360 crew for 10 minutes. Does anyone know how to change it? I made a transparent version and published it, but can't figure out how to change the crew's actual image. I feel like a madman over here.

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@zeforgotten: @shatteringlast: I made the logo (Emblem) . Did you guys update it yet? I didn't know that there was a background on it, I didn't even know that that was an option.

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@capum15: I don't think killing players in Freemode will ever put you in bad sport. If that were true, I wouldn't be running into so many griefers who treat Freemode like Deathmatch. Also, sometimes my friends and I just like to set up our own impromptu deathmatches.

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I made this Luchadeer emblem on the second 360 clan, not sure if you guys want to use it, but you're welcome to it (or to modify it if you want).

Have been having some good times playing with the duders. Stealing helicopters...getting helicopters landed on me :P

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Yeah, I missed my window on the 360 Crew, because I was asleep. Sorry about that. Maybe we should make another? I would like to get in soon.

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Social Club ID: Katori22

Requested on the Social Club page. Thanks!

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Hey guys, could I get an invite? Katori@katorismith

Thanks and looking forward to playing with you guys!

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Check the wiki though guys. If you carry a character from the original game into Dark Arisen, THEN you get unlimited Ferrystones. That's basically the entire source of my conundrum.

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Thanks almost entirely to Patrick, I recently got into Monster Hunter and am really wanting to move into Dragon's Dogma next. Should I wait for this to come out, or get the first game, play for a while, then get this down the road and import my character? Unlimited Ferrystones sounds pretty good...

edit: looks like Dragon's Dogma is only $19.99. Sounding pretty good right now...

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The Outfit had some interesting ideas. Some interesting ideas at 20fps.