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Mixed Emotions 0

As a fan of Bioware and, in this specific case, the Mass Effect series, this review is one of mixed emotions. There are parts about it that I absolutely love, the parts that kept me playing for well over thirty hours, but there were also things that I would say range from being mildly disappointing to cringe inducing.The one area of Mass Effect 3 that leaves me with the most emotional confusion is the story. But, truth be told, I think that is something that dates back from the second game in th...

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The awesome gets interupted more than it should 0

When I first found out about Mirror's Edge I was incredibly excited for it. Finally a game where everything was about free running. I gobbled up every piece of information that I came across, and it was without a doubt a must have game for me. But then the game was released, and the reviews started pooring in. And the more I read about it, the more doubtful I became about buying it. My hype turned into uncertainty. Fast forward several months, and I have finally decided to purchase the game. And...

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The Prince's First Succesful 3D Outing 0

First of, I'd like to say that it's a rare treat to see such smooth and simple controls incorperated into a game. The ease at which you perform the dazzling moves, and death-defying leaps is incredible. Whether you're wall-running or fighting a hord of sand creatures, you'll never end up feeling like you have to twist your fingers in a knot to make it work. Ever wanted to play acrobat? Well, you'll be doing plenty of acrobatics in this game - and it's a whole lot saver to do too. If more develop...

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