The opening of EU video game markets

(If this is the wrong forum, I'm sorry. Also, excuse my poor English [english?], I am not from an anglophone country. Also, i could not paragraph this, why, I got no idea!) So a lot of people seem to think that we are living in the worst era in moder human history, and for good reason even. It is unfortunate that the west is completely crumbling, especially because we will most likely see China ( the Socialist one ) as the new superpower. That is bad for us westerners obvioisly. What is good? Well, while the U.S. economy is still stagnating it is in better condiniton at the end of 2012, then it did at the end of 2011. The EU is in much better condition because of one of the most succesful tourist seasons in the 21st century, especially in Italy,Spain and acceeding memeber Croatia. This has given the EU with a lot (relatively speaking) of money to give to various projects which have boosted the economy of the EU members. The UK has started a large campaign of recovery, which will be halted if in 2014 Scotland decides to break away at the referendum, Greece (probably the most tragically devastated in Europe) has continued to sell its soul to Germany to help themselves, and also sold a part of their coast to the Serbian city of Jagodina. So what does this have to do with anything? Well, this means possible rise of standard in Europe meaning that as the sales fall, or at the very least stagnate, the European will rise. This is actually already happening, and as of the next generation of consoles Europe could take second place from North America, and maybe even get closer to Asian sales. This is especially boosted by the fact that European games cost about 20 € (about 30$) on the continent, and while the consoles do cost more, this is regardless. Eh, I am probably wrong like in everything else. Also I am new and stuff Oh and happy new year!