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Few more today. First up, we have comedian/rapper Donald Glover, followed by Boba Fett (based the face beneath the mask loosely on Ep. 2's Jango), and finally Wei Shen from Sleeping Dogs.

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Thank you, but as far as I can tell, that's his personal thread for his Giant Bomb-centric creations, not a general creation thread. That's why I didn't hijack it, and rather started one for everyone to post in. Here's Spike and Barney Stinson/NPH, either way.

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In the process of converting all my SR3 characters over. The first two are Jeff and Ryan, but there's more to come. I'd love to see everyone's creations, so feel free to post them.

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So far, I've made Spike and Angel from Buffy/Angel, Dexter from.. Dexter, Niko from GTA IV, Seeley Booth from Bones, and last but not least, Ryan Davis. I'll try and do most, if not all the Giant Bomb crew.


Here's Jeff:


Now Vinny:

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Oh yeah, this is that movie where they rape a new-born infant. Classy stuff.

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Guinea pigs.. *twitches* They were cute, but man did they make a mess. Don't think that smell ever went away. And for that reason, I say "Stankonia"!

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Think that's bad? My brother and I got our second 360's within a day of one another, because ours had broken down throughout the years. Then they both stop playing discs entirely within a week of one another, and just a week after the new 360 comes out. I called Microsoft and this guy tells me "Oh, well those are out of the warranty, sir. If you give us $100 for each of them, we can fix them, but at that price, you might as well buy the new system that was just released. Have you heard about the new features? It's ready to work with Kin-" This is where I hung up. 
If your console is so faulty, so inevitably prone to breaking, that two systems bought at the same store, within a day of one another, break down with the same problem, rendering both game consoles unable to play games, there is a serious hardware issue that would cause a recall in any other industry. This is becoming a widespread issue that always occurs outside of the warranty, meaning they had parts in these consoles that would almost always break down after a couple years or so. When that happens, do you think the consumer's going to go buy a PS3 and disregard the thousands of dollars they've invested in games for their system? No, they'll give you the $100 or save up for the new version of your console, because you have them by the balls.
So now I'm simply not playing games for a while. That fucker was so smug on the phone, it made me sick.

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" @KevinTheDeviant said:

Only internet support I'll be needing is through WiFi..
You say that, but wait until you get an iPhone and start messing around with all of the different apps and fun things you can do with 3G.   Get an iPhone 4. "

Well, that could be true. Maybe once I get things in order enough to buy one of these, I'd be able to afford a data plan. Which, going by these replies, is mandatory for a lot of these phones, anyway. I'm weary of the Blackberry. My uncle got one, the data plan was expensive, and the phone started to show wear and tear after the first year, then he just got a plain phone like mine, to save money. Hell, with the mandatory data plan, I'm almost tempted to just get an iPod touch and keep my phone. I'd still have two devices, but it'd be an upgrade. (Money's going to be tight for a while, because both my 360 and my brother's have stopped playing discs in the same month.)
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I've got an old hand-me-down flip phone with semi-decent storage. It's fairly reliable, but aside from an okay-ish camera, it's really just a phone. That was really all I needed until recently. I find that, lately, I'm carrying around way too many electronic devices. I take quick photos with my phone, send them to friends, then if I decide I want to save them, I have to move them to my PC, and finally to another portable device with better storage. That second portable device has alright WiFi and the sound for MP3s isn't all that bad, but switching between the two is a pain.
Anyway, I'd like to have a phone with a decent enough camera, MP3 player, at least 8GB of storage, and WiFi. I've heard a lot of mixed reactions about the different iPhone models on the market, so I was wondering which phones you guys would recommend. Only internet support I'll be needing is through WiFi, I don't care about apps, or even games, really, and I'd like to be able to add MP3s from my PC. Not sure if Apple requires all your music be bought through iTunes, or what their policy is. I've also heard there's issues with MMS? That's a bit of a must for me. I've already got AT&T, and won't be able to change providers for a while, anyway, so I'm used to iffy service, at times. As long as the phone has these main functions and features, and is mostly reliable, I'll be happy with it. So, any ideas?

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My first grade teacher was a mother figure to me. She even came by the house a few times, and I used to slip up and call her mom in class. I had a crappy childhood, so that probably explains part of it, but she was also the sweetest person I knew, and I always made time to go by and talk to her throughout the school years. She died of cancer, as well. Probably five years ago, now. I hadn't seen her in years, but it really affected me. I keep the newspaper with her obituary, simply because it's the only picture I have of her. She was way too young and she had two kids. Fuck cancer, indeed.