Confusion on the MAG beta

When I first loaded up the beta, the game felt like a joke. I was seriously chuckling to myself. The game just looked bad, and pulling up your sights had no frames of animation in between that I could notice. Alot of people online were defending the graphics, saying "well I understand why it's like that" which I get, but could the game have been stylized to avoid that? 
But anyways, playing the game has just confused me. I don't think it's great, but the short of it is that the idea is great and the shooting works. I haven't gotten to level 10 yet, so I've only gotten to play sabotage, and defense on that just doesn't seem like it's come together all that well. Hopefully the other gametypes have the frantic objectives that I'm hoping for.


I just played the Wheelman demo

I think it's actually kinda fun. I mean, it's obviously way over-the-top, but it fits. I do have some problems though. I mean, as far as I've seen, Vin Diesel lacks the ability to talk during missions, which is hella lame. Also, apparently he's in Spain or something, so shouldn't he drive on the other side of the road? I dunno, maybe I'm just nitpicking, but the overall crazy driving is really fun.