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Mother 3 and FFXII

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Personally, it's one of:

  • Mother 3
  • Mother 2
  • Dragon Quest V
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Vagrant Story
  • Secret of Evermore
  • Breath of Fire V
  • Lufia 2

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Hey, thanks, got my Mark of the Ninja copy!

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The Spectrum was great, and incredibly important for the UK industry in particular. The whole Bombcast chat about it is a great reminder of how different UK and US video-game scenes were, especially in comparison to today. It's a saddening loss, the UK and US (apart from football games) may as well be the same these days.

Just go back to when the last Spectrum anniversary rolled around and look at sites like RPS talking about it (This article, and the comments, are a good representation for anyone who doesn't know much about the Spectrum)

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Throwing away chunks of progress, and whole versions or concepts, is pretty common is every creative job.

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Montaigne's Essays is a pretty fantastic place to start. Since you're here, Tom Bisell's Extra Lives is a wonderful collection of game essays.


Rise of the Videogame Zinestar - Anthopy

Rubicon: Last Years of the Roman Republic - Holland

The Histories - Herodotus

How To Do Things with Videogames - Bogost

Why Read the Classics - Eco

Selected Non-Fictions - Borges

Confessions of an English Opium Eater - De Quincy

I'll make myself stop.

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@Oldirtybearon: No, trigger warnings are important. It's not turning it into a bogeyman, it's the prevention of psychological harm.

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@Brodehouse: With Borderlands 2, I mostly agree with what the Idle Thumbs were saying recently - that if that game's sense of humour existed along a wider spectrum (ie mainstream gaming wasn't 90% exactly the type of thing it's trying to make fun of/engage in) then it would be more interesting.

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@squidraid: Uuuh, I never said the medium should avoid it. In fact I said the opposite ("art can offer some insight"), I agree with you.

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@Abendlaender said:

If rape is not the central point of the entire story of the game, and the game is not a charakter focused look into the human mind, then I don't need it. Rape has probably even more of an impact on the human mind than murder (if you kill someone or see someone get killed of course) so there is no way in hell a video game should deal with this and then have the charakter jump around and kill bad guys for the rest of the game. If it's just "Oh no, my girlfriend got raped by the bad guy, let's kill him" or "Oh no, I got raped. Let's kill the raper!" than, no, I don't need it and neither should you. If it's a extremly depressiv Heavy Rain/TWD sorta game, yeah that could work. I would still don't buy it cause I can live in a world where no major video games exist that deal with rape. I don't need stuff like that in my entertainment as well and yes I'm probably naive and don't "want the medium to grow up"

To be extremly honest, I have two little sister and even the idea that something like this could happen to them would drive me crazy, so I really, really, really don't neeed to see that stuff in my video games. Just a personal thing.

Anyone who says that to you is an utter moron. Games do not need to deal with rape specifically to 'grow up'. That's a line of argument I can't get behind. And your opinion is a perfectly valid one, almost one I would adopt myself if it weren't for having experienced (not myself, seeing in someone else) what rape can do to a person, and feeling like art can give some insight for the predominantly male audience of gamers into that situation.