I don't get the hate for handhelds.

I can understand not like the 3DS because it's $180 and has no games and the Vita is going to be $250 plus more for memory. I can understand that, I'm not paying $250 bucks for a Vita that's for sure. Oddly enough I think the Vita has one of the strongest launch line ups of any launch ever. What I can understand is the hate for the PSP.  Anytime someone says "Hey Lumines is the best and only game on the PSP." I want to strangle them to death with my own two hands, and watch the life fade from their eyes. The PSP is the PS2-2 and I treat it as such. 
You say why should I throw it in my pocket before leaving my house everyday? For one phone games are awful and are not worth even the one dollar they cost. The thing is you don't take it anywhere with you, besides multi-hour car/plane rides were never suppose to take ANY handheld out of your house. My PSP's battery lasted 7 hours on the last trip I took.  I hate it people say "I can't play it on my bus ride, because none of the games are one-off enough." This actually goes down to a much deeper problem with people today. The fact that everyone has to be continually entertained 24 hours a day. If you can't just sit and be a person for a 30 minute bus ride, something is wrong with you. It has a lot to do with why I don't like many people. 
The PSP has tons of great games, which I play for hours in my house in my living room. I've put over 50 hours into Valkyria Chronicles 2.
100 hours into both Phantasy star Portable games. 20 hours into Peace walker and the 3rd Birthday. If you into Yugioh games like I am there is hundreds of hours. I've 30 hours into Kenka Bancho and Gladiator begins. Those games I'd go as far as to say are some of my favorite games ever. The fact that people are mad they are not 10 seconds long, boggles my mind.  This is not in lieu big times games at all. Go check my list of games I beat just in the year 2011. To anyone that says "I don't want to play console games on a handheld." That's your fault and you're the  one missing out


HD Peace Walker made me very excited about Metal Gear again

It might be equal to or maybe even better than MGS3, and I think MGS3 is the best game on the PS2. I thought it was pretty good on the psp. but controlled horribly. Having the right stick and the L2 ans R2 buttons truly makes it MGS5. Kojima even recently sated that Peace Walker was meant to be MGS5. It reminded me why I was super obsessed with Metal Gear for the last 10 years or so.
 The two things I really really want now are either a remake of the MSX metal gear or a another big boss game. I remember Sniper Wolf taking about how Big Boss traveled around gathering up foxhound. How amazing would it be to see Younger psycho mantis and he's on your side. I would pay 60 bucks just for the promise of psycho mantis in really anything. I'm not really interested in Metal gear riseing but I will wait with baited breath to find out whatever this turns out to be.


I have a strange vision for a Bethesda type RPG.

This will sound completely insane, but this game would not have really any adventure. I want to play Bethesda type RPG where you are just a normal dude. Actually more accurately I want a game that fulfills the promises Peter molyneux made about Fable 2. Remember When he said the reason that quests rewarded no money, was you have to get a job like a normal person. He said you could be a blacksmith and become this world famous blacksmith. If they could actually make it work, I think this is an amazing idea. Not just blacksmith, but you could be a merchant, a farmer, politician, or a guard. 
How awesome would it be to be a guard. You got these damn heroes coming into your town messing stuff up, and you gotta deal with them.  I would love a much smaller scale game. maybe it takes place entirely in just one of the 9 holds of Skyrim. What I am suggesting is Bethesda essentially makes a Harvest Moon type game.  If it only took place in one of the 9 holds, that would make all the NPCs much deeper. Taking more things from harvest moon, you would have to sleep every night  and time would actually pass. I think it would be a very interesting game. I have the feeling that no one but me would find "Life as an NPC the game" interesting at all.
It's kinda like what Dave said on yesterday's bombcast. "I don't want to be the Jedi. I want to be the support/side character." We've played the Hero's story a zillion times. I want a more personal story to play about the farmer that protects his land from bandits, or the crooked merchant that has deals with the thieves guild. it's Seinfeld the game, it's a game about nothing.


This is the problem with the major quests in Skyrim.

It's the fact that you become the leader of that group at the end. My one character is the leader of The Companions and Thieves gulid, The listener for the Dark Brotherhood, the Archmage of the college, and the guy that basically single handedly stopped the civil war. That's kinda stupid when you think about it. Letting you only do one per save file/character is not the answer either. The answer is better storytelling quite frankly. I would find it much better and believable if you didn't become the boss of all them at the end. 
Yes you went on this big adventure and basically saved the guild, but dude you just joined the guild yesterday. Being the listener for the Dark brotherhood actually makes sense. That is one "you become the boss" scenario I can get behind. The rest of them are just "Hey the old boss died one way or the other. You should be the new boss." You know forget that there are a dozen people that outrank you, have been there longer, and actually know how to run the guild. The guy that's been there for two days should be fine as the new boss. Becoming the boss of the guild is completely pointless anyways. Beside NPCs saying "Hey your the new boss huh?" nothing changes.  It's not like you actually get any control over the guild or anything.   
The other problem is that all the guilds excepted The Companions are in the shitter. The Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves guild and the Mage's College, are no where near as big and fancy as they were 200 years ago. You do the quests and you save them all, but you don't really get to see back at their shinning glory. It's the same just everyone is more happy. 
I've played Skyrim for 70 hours on the PS3 no less, and have hardly any bugs at all. Skyrim is a fantastic game, but these things I think are dumb.


I really miss Pandemic

I was just thinking back and I really really enjoyed The Saboteur. I'd go as far as to say It is easily the best World War 2 game ever. 
I also spend a whole summer playing both Star Wars Battlefront games. If the 2nd one came out for download with full online, That would be pretty awesome. it would most likely get boring fast because it was before the age of online progression, so there would not be anything unlock. 
 Now to the real meat of Pandemic, Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. I played mercs 1 like 20 times I loved it so much. Anyone that played the game right, played as Mattias Nilsson the most badass Swed videogames have ever seen. Then Mercs 2 happened and that was probably the most disappointing game I've ever played. It was not that bad, but it was no where near as good as the first one by any stretch of the imagination.
I really wish Pandemic was still around to make a Saboteur 2, SWBF 3, and to take one more swing at a Mercs 3. Looking back I'm actually quite sad that these 3 games don't exist, especially because Merc 3 and SWBF 3  were already in per-production.


AC:R is my favorite AC game yet.

It's probably the most interesting game ever. I found everything incredibly interesting; from desmond's past, to Altair's later years, Ezio's story. The most interesting part of all is learning tons of stuff about the Templars from the mulitplayer. For example Subject #4 was an assassin that was brain washed by the Templars, killed an assassin mentor and leaked the location of all the assassins in the world to Abstergo. He is regarded as one of the greatest Templar Heroes ever.  I've said it a million times that AC has the best muliplayer of any game ever, and I 100% stick by that. I think Assassin's Creed Revelations is the best AC game yet, and I can't wait for next year.


It's an amazing time to be alive.

Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, and Saints Row 3 are all amazing!
I played Skyrim from Friday to Monday, just enough time to do the Dark Brotherhood questline. It's pretty damn amazing and makes this Civil War seem like small potatoes.   
On Tuesday I played 5 hours of the AC:R muliplayer. I've said a dozen times that it's easily the best mulitplayer of any game ever, and remains to be true with AC:R. I'm level 15 am just starting to get at the good abilities, but I still can't describe the amazing amount of fun and satisfaction I get from it.
 Today I played 4 hours of Saints Row 3 and you should really play saints row. It's really funny, driving is great, shooting is great, the adult swim radio station is hosted by John from Delocated. Only bad thing is how is the song "Jacket" not on  the adult swim station. Life is wonderful, best year in games, pardon me while I go back to playing them.


The best mulitplayer ever just got better.

I've been playing the Assassin's Creed Revelations beta for the last 5 hours. I think the mulitplayer is brotherhood was the best ever, better than any other online anything.
This is even better, they made some smart changes. All you people that complained about stunning not working right, it works a LOT better now. Even if you don't all the way stun them and they still kill you, you can still get points for putting up a fight. Deathmatch is a fantastic new mode, way better than wanted but that mode is still in there. 
You know in Black Ops how you can make your emblem and put it on your guy, you can do that here too. The new characters look better than the brotherhood ones and are much more customizable. Manhunt is forever changed by the addition of smokebomb mines. 
I can't even begin to tell you much I love this and how satisfying it is. In brotherhood I got to level 50 three times, I played it for months.
I've played this beta for 5 hours I'm level 20 I came in 1st place seven times in a row. Skyrim and saints row the third might have to take a backseat, which is crazy because saints row 3 is my most looked forward to game of this year. This beta that does not even have half the stuff in it, may have just trump my hype for saints row.


Haveing no backlog actually sucks.

The worst feeling in the world is starring at shelves upon shelves of games and not wanting to play any of them.  Then you just feel like a horrible person, because you all these games and you don't want to play any of them because they are not the new ones. I have hundreds of games and I've beaten all of them least twice. 
I just beat Deus Ex: HR on Monday, it's a great game but it actually has a very little replay value (despite being billed as having nothing but replay value.) It's not like "ooh I'm going to spec in this way this play through." because by the end of your first play through you've already spec'ed in all directions. I love fucking love Alpha Protocol I've beaten it 3 times, Deus Ex is shockingly similar. long story short, I still like Alpha protocol better. 
Today I was thinking what to play, I loved Dragon Age 2 so I thought I'll play it again. played it for an hour, threw it back on the shelf never going to play it again. Some how I subconsciously mesmerized the script of the game. While I was watching the cutscenes all the next lines were going through my head, that is just terrible. One day before buying Deus Ex:HR I beat Demon's Souls for the 3rd time. I started my 4th play through, played for 30 minutes and I'm never going to play Demon's Souls again. I am so hyped for Dark Souls, I can't stand Demon's Souls anymore. Dark Souls is going to being amazing for the shear fact that I don't know every single fucking thing about it. 
Right now I'm going to happily pay $17 for PlayStation Plus just for the 10 days of the AC: R beta. The Assassin's Creed mulitplayer is by far my favorite online video game thing ever.


I was gravely mislead about this game.

All I hear about this game from anyone is, you walk down an endless dungeon and sometimes stop to talk to someone. Also it's 5 hours long and there are basically no sidequests. That's not even close the truth, not in my experince at all.  Yesterday I went to the gamestop to buy Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, because I loved the last two. When I got there cheaper games caught my eye. I bought Dungeon Siege 3, Knights in the NIghtmare, a Trauma Center game and got Yaggra Unoin comes with Kinghts for free. I got 4 games for the price of just DW:gundam alone, pretty good deal. Now back to Dungeon Siege 3, I've played it for 5 hours and have yet to leave the first town. 
It's an off brand Dragon age, find and replace Legionnaire with Grey Warden. In my first five hours I've done about 20 sidequests, found more loot then I can count and witnessed some actually very good and very character specific story. I've gone to dungeons, forests, graveyards, hunted houses, lakes, one town so far. I has great scenery, it's not something like DA2 with one location. I can't wait to start a different character, because a lot of things would be completely different if I was a different guy. 
I have only two actual complains about game. The framing when talking to people is retarded, I should able to see both people talking. It's like when Jeff and Vinny were talking to Lamp in Deadly Premonition. The 2nd thing is There is no voiceover during those concept art looking cutscenes, which is really odd because the rest of the game is fully voiced. This is on it's way to being the Alpha Protocol of this year, but that title will most likely be taken by Deus Ex. Also it's the least buggy Obsidian game I've ever played.

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