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I still occasionally play this game while I listen to the podcast on chewsdays. I wonder if Cities of Tomorrow added anything worthwhile. There was a callback of the game at work last week, but I'm not sure why they bothered because it's just a cd key in a DVD case, there's no media. It would have been more cost effective to have them destroyed, like Microsoft does with copies of Office.

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I remember when they put a picture of him up in the lobby of Brock University showing off what an honoured son of the school he was. They made him some important figure as a successful Brock graduate. I'd be interested if he's still up there, I'd check but I graduated years ago.

I used to drive past the SK offices every day. Then one day all the equipment was on the curb, and they were gone. Now it sounds like Precursor Games has disbanded too. I think they had gone up the QEW to Stoney Creek.

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This is the crap we're selling at work. It's an 'officially licensed' product.

Your mileage may vary.

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I work at an electronics store up here in Canada and I can attest to the confusion and subsequent indifference with respect to the Wii U.

Typical scenario:

Customer: "I'm looking for a new Wii, mine died and I have a lot of virtual console games I'd like to still play. Does the Wii Mini do that?"

Me: "No. It doesn't do anything involving playing online. You'd need a Wii U for that."

Customer: "Well why does the Wii Mini exist then? It seems pretty useless. I don't want to dish out for a new Wii U because it's overpriced"

Me: "I have no idea who the Wii Mini appeals to but I can tell you we aren't selling any either"

We have had Wii Mini's and Wii U's sitting on the shelf from Day 1 inventory. They haven't sent us any more. Checking inventory reveals we have two open box 'deluxe' Wii U's with open box tags dating some 60 days ago. Surely someone is buying them, but not here.

Conversely, the Xbox and PS3 are items we have trouble keeping in stock.

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Back during the Burning Question days, Alex answered a question of mine.

9 years later, I'm still waiting for that sequel to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

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The best part of the DLC was all the Grateful Dead. Three packs? That's crazy talk.

But no Box of Rain.

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Having played this game already, I still fail to see the appeal. "It insists upon itself" sums up my feelings on it succinctly.

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I find it annoying that people are calling the always-online part of the game DRM, when that's really only half of it. Most of the simulation is being done on the cloud, that's what's fucking up the hip-hop so much.

As an owner of the game, I can say that when it works, it works really well. I've managed to get two cities going in a 5 city region and probably sunk about 7 or 8 hours into it. The worst part of the game is that it will sometimes launch when the servers are 'down' and then tell you when you load in that you can't do anything. Very frustrating.

The actual building part of the game is very good. It has a really neat trading system and building upgrades are satisfying. It also has a neat system where as long as you keep expanding zones, it's almost impossible to go broke. That's sort of like Anno 2070, where the solution to running out of money was to build more houses for taxpaying workers. The upgrade system for buildings is reminiscent of the last two Tropico games.

I really hope they get the bugs ironed out because the core game is worth playing.

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