Best of 2012

I usually make a list of my 10 best games for a year, but to be honest, there just isn't enough outstanding games to make a full list this year. Most of the '' could have been '' games were indie experimentations, like Journey, Fez, FTL and Mark of the Ninja, which I loved, but not enough to warrant them a place amongst the best of this year. Having tested nearly 95% of 2012's relevant releases, I really can't find myself able to bring more than 5 games to the table this year. I would have loved to add Assassin's Creed 3, ME3, Hitman, Torchlight II and so on, but alas, none has enough merit.I felt like 2012 was a year that everybody wanted to avoid, especially with the numerous delays we had to endure. Maybe the end of the world scared some developers.

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