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Since I couldnt bake a nice cake with his face in icing or paint a masterpiece portrait, I thought the best way to pay tribute was to play as the legend that is, Ryan Davis.

Rest In Peace, duder

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What better tribute can I pay to Ryan Davis than to actually PLAY as Ryan Davis?

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Sony hasn't released any information about whether or not the PS4 gives you Super Aids. Has anyone heard anything about this? Microsoft has already said that XBOX ONE only gives you regular Aids. Just wondering if anyone knew more about it. tia

Having a bad day?

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@lexus2jz said:

Won't know anything factual until we get one in our hands. This thread is useless should be locked.

Don't get all uppity on me boyo. I simply asked if anyone had information from Sony since we were already told by microsoft during their reveal that the xbox one is practically silent. I don't see how this thread is useless when there is the chance of information out there. Chill...

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Microsoft have mentioned the Xbox One being "Practically silent" but I haven't heard word on the PS4. I'm convinced the thing will be loud seeing how small it is but it does have plenty of grills. Anyone heard anything about this?

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@karkarov: yeah. I want to try different exclusives and honestly i grew up with ps1 and 2 and then i switched to xbox 360. Every thing from the playstation reveal, xbox reveal and e3 is just pointing me towards ps4. If MS make a more enticing offer before launch then ill definitely consider xbox one but for now im definitely leaning towards ps4.

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The thing is i dont think any of them are getting the xbox on day one so maybe when reviews come out the decision will be more obvious for me. I think i will leave the preorder business and wait for those.

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@ransnack: tried convincing them but theyre pretty dug in. I play most games i dont just stick with COD etc.

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@kidavenger: " @volemaulder: the thing is they havent presented reasons that convince me to get the xbox. One friend is getting it just for ryse, another is getting it just for halo and another is getting it just to keep his gamerscore and launch lineup looks better but honestly they arent very convincing reasons for me. Thing is if i go for ps4 i hope i dont regret it, tho chances of regretting any console are slim since they both seem like good systems anyway". They dont really believe me that the ps4 is more powerful and they are convinced that cloud computing is something that will make the xbox more powerful than the ps4

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@ransnack: this is why im more compelled towards ps4