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Reading this brought more pleasure to my life than a Double Down did. Thank you.

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@SSValis said:
" @KristoferK: Your avatar leads me to believe you are German because of BMW, but your probably from Iceland? "
My love for my car is the reason for my avatar. But I am from Iceland. Hope you didn't miss out on a magical trip across the world because of a sprinkle of volcanic ash. If so, it wasn't me; I swear!
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I'm the guy you blame for not being able to fly anywhere.

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I got Slowking, Snorlax, Dragonite, Weezing, Blastoise and Bibarel...
 Actually that's me daydreamin'... Wish I had all those cool ass motherfuckers.

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It seems like it's a bad time to be you, not an RTS fan.

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I can't use the tables when writing a guide in any of my web browsers.
In Firefox I can edit the tables and add columns but hitting backspace will delete the entire table and all of it's content: That's annoying.
In Google Chrome I can edit the table but I can't add/remove columns so that's impossible. And in Internet Explorer I can't do anything beyond creating the starting table; Can't even select it or anything.

Is there any add-on missing that would fix this?


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How do I browse through all of the guides? As far as I can tell, I can only look at the most popular and most recent guides

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I am... Game world 12. Just got the Beta testers pre-order e-mail today and went for the 12 month subscription, cause it was 50% off! That was sweet. The game's sweet. Love.