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RIP Ryan! You were an amazing person and you always made me laugh so much my stomach hurt in every video and podcast you attended in. The world just became a less bright place without you.

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Well actualy the reason all the complaining died was when the extended cut was promised, so it would not have been in Bioware's interest to try and "ride it out"

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Ah! Yes, it seems to be the art for the soundtrack. Annoying mystery solved! Thanks for the help duders! And thanks for the high res link!

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So I was browsing some random forum topic about Dark Souls and a user posted this image. I asked him where he got it from but its been a month now without any reply. In the meantime I've checked nearly every collection of Dark Souls images and wallpapers out on the web and nada, zip, nothing. So do anyone here recognize the image and know where I can find the original, preferable in higher resolution?

EDIT: OST Art - Mystery solved by the kind GB community.

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The Zone giveth and The Zone taketh away...

I'm so depressed, there are few experiences like a STALKER game...