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The GB group has regulars and a few people that pop on every now and then - but the group is growing. Don't be shy. We are all Duder's connected here.

From the Pickle that is the Deviljho to the insane Monkey Bull Rajang... Come hunt, come kill and come get carted by doing dumb stuff :D.

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Title really.

Been hunting the net but can't find an English translation of the trophies list for the PS4 version? If somebody is bored would be nice for them to be listed out; but I appreciate that takes some effort.

If anyone has found the link can you share please?

Thanks! :D

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I'd be up for this.

EU and age 28 (if that matters).

I don't have a 3ds at this moment. I have traded mine in and stored my profile on my partners 3ds. But I am getting the New bundle come 13th.

Anyway; if you want to feel free to invite me in; I'd appreciate it :).

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@crocbox said:

I've only played Monster Hunter on a handheld, so it's kinda funny to me when people say they couldn't possibly do that.

I played 3U on both Wii U and 3DS. Personally; it felt fine on 3ds. At most I can say swimming took some getting used to without CCP.

But it's still playable.

In the same way people got used to clawing; you get used to the touchscreen pad with enough practice.

I'm excited for the N3DS Nub though.

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Monster Hunter is all about you developing as a player.

Yes you get gear upgrades and skills which make things easier (such as Attack up etc).

But it is a skill based grind game. If you fail a quest; don't blame the game. You did something wrong.

Even some of the more vicious combos have counters if you prepare just right. Tired of a Ratholos/Rathian (dragon) roaring then fireballing you to death? Equip Earplugs to negate the roar. Getting screwed against a Wroggi due to the poison debuff? Gem in Negate poison.

The better you get at actually playing the game, the less you need to prepare. But until you get that good at the game, get good at preparing and learning.

It's a great game but can be frustrating and a little convoluted to new comers.

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Mine came today too!

As mentioned previously; Lepruk to add if you wish to play.

I'm about Dan's level with a bit of t-spins now and again.

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@bsstephan: Thank you; I will stick to those in the future.

Just as a reply; They responded to my paypal dispute by saying the item is ready but I need to cancel my dispute first. I've replied with a big fat not-a-chance as they have no way to cancel. Said they can either ship it or refund; their choice.

I hate having to escalate things due to poor service. Thanks for the concern though :).

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Avoid ordering from Nin-nin game.com like the plague. No customer support / response and they haven't even begun processing the shipping after a week of waiting.

I am going to have to reorder from play-asia but I don't want to do this if they finally decide to ship my game. Opened a paypal dispute currently.

Sad day for importers everywhere... Feel for me guys! :(

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@dadjumper: Arrh okay; well I can test that.

Thank you so so much! +1 Interwebz for you!

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Can anyone actually tell me what the menu says when they choose their characters? Is it junk patterns? (the one that can move left and right to cycle through?).

Also anyone found someone on youtube or a streaming site to watch whilst we all wait? :D