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One strange, but cool thing I noticed with the Vita version - I have the PS3 version via PS+, but I never bought any of the DLC, including the Mechromancer pack. The Vita version comes with the two DLC classes, one of the level cap increases, and two of the DLC campaigns, but that only works on the Vita, they don't transfer back to the PS3 version.

I started a new Mechromancer, since I really like that character, and decided to try cross-saving it over to the PS3, figuring it would probably tell me I'm not allowed to play her because I don't own the Mechromancer pack there. Surprisingly, it actually did let me load my save file and keep playing her, although it reset her appearance to stock because I don't have the costume pieces unlocked, as I don't actually own her on the PS3. I can't start a new Mechromancer or Psycho on the PS3, but the PS3 is fine playing the cross-saved file from the Vita. Weird, but pretty cool.

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Potsdam, NY, USA

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@theveej: Carbon Neutral Games presents Windjammers 2015.

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PSN: Libb189

Got my Vita, been engrossed by Persona 4 Golden, but I've got PS+ so I have a bunch of stuff to try out! Add me!

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Just about every week for the past eight or so years, I've listened, watched, and read Ryan's witty humor and expert critique in the world of video games and everything but. I never got the chance to meet him in person, though had I not gotten nervous I probably could have after this year's PAX East panel. I did, however, have the honor of talking to him for a few brief seconds on the old Happy Hour show, when I called in for the Roku giveaway, and he good-naturedly ribbed me for blurting out "Giant Bomb!" multiple times instead of Whiskey Media when he asked who was giving me the free Roku, and again a few months later during another call-in segment on the Happy Hour. He never knew me by name, but I felt closer to him than I do some of my close friends.

One for me, one for my fallen homie. May it always be Unprofessional Fridays, Loveable Mondays, and Bombcast Tuesdays where you are. Rest in peace, friend.

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I've been listening since The HotSpot days, back when I was in high school. I think one of my first episodes was the infamous Korn "Gaming, to me, is a religion, and HAZE IS THE S#%^@!" incident. To think I've been listening to Ryan Davis on an almost perfect once a week basis for almost a third of my life is pretty crazy to fathom. I don't know how I'll get by without him.

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Going with a group of my friends for Friday and Saturday. I believe we're driving out on Thursday, so hopefully we'll get into town early enough for the festival of debauchery that is the Giant Bomb Rock Band night.

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Shouting "Hey Television" has worked for me. It probably has also made my neighbors think I'm a lunatic, but whatever.

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Can I get an invite?

Soldier Name: BeeksElectric

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Young Clifford - go forth and make Jazz Jackrabbit 3 for the people!