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From Bungie With Love 0

 Right off the bat, let's get one thing straight here. Halo 3: ODST is a Halo game-- more specifically, Halo 3 with some slight tweaks. The core gameplay is all still here, just as strong as it's always been. If you've never been a fan of Halo's style of gameplay however, ODST is not going to change your mind. Some periphery elements have been changed, but at the core there is little different in ODST that will attract new players. That fact might seem elementary, but it's important to remember;...

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A Child of Two Worlds 0

When considering Ensemble Studios' Real-Time Strategy game Halo Wars, there are two different ways to look at it. You can approach Halo Wars as a Halo fan, or you can approach it as a real-time strategy fan. The angle from which you approach the product is incredibly important, as Halo fans will love Halo Wars, while RTS fans will likely find it lacking. Of course, to truly enjoy the game, some element of both is required, but Halo enthusiasts will undoubtedly derive more pleasure from the exp...

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Presentation Unleashed 0

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is an interesting product, being the first Star Wars game on the Xbox 360 and PS3, in addition to being the first one that has been officially declared canon by George Lucas himself, as opposed to part of the larger "Extended Universe". Some aspects of this ambitious product succeed, while others fall quite flat.TFU will have you playing as a "secret apprentice" of Darth Vader, codenamed Starkiller, in the time period between Episodes III and IV, making it the firs...

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Only imperial Stormtroopers are so precise 0

Star Wars is a terrific license, and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy utilizes it to it's fullest to make a game that is not amazing by any means, but simply loads of fun. You won't be ranting to your friends about how it looks so real, but instead quietly thinking to yourself about how bad-ass it is to kill ten Stormtroopers in five seconds, then turn around and watch their bodies fall to the ground in slow motion. Jedi Academy has you (surprise!) taking on the role of a Jedi Knight. You'll start th...

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Personality and fun 0

You're sitting in your 30th story office, Googling up porn on your computer instead of actually doing work. You hear a rumbling noise outside, and idly glance out the window in curiosity. You see for one second of sheer terror a giant sticky ball, rolling up buildings, and bowling alleys, and people alike. You witness it for a second, before the merciless sphere rolls up your building, and you, without a second thought. Welcome to the world of Me and My Katamari. Katamari is an absurd game, bu...

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I Would Have Been Your Daddy 0

Halo 2, approaching it's launch, was billed as one of the greatest games that we would ever see. Hype was giant, and the launch itself turned into a cultural phenomenon, with people across the country calling in "Sick" so they could get down with the latest Halo game. Now that we've all dusted Tartarus on Legendary, and pulled some all-nighters to get that level 30, did the game live up to it's hype? The answer is a resounding yes. Halo 2 can be described nothing short of amazing. Halo 2 will ...

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A Fantastic Deviation 0

Nintendo is a company of franchises. Quality franchises no doubt, but Nintendo thrives on it's few killer properties. Zelda. Mario. Metroid. These games are all longstanding series, and whenever a new iteration is released, it includes some minor gameplay tweaks, graphical updates, and a new story; but the core experience generally changes very little. While these experiences are always solid, sometimes the same ol' same ol' gets stale. Enter The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Nintendo threw t...

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Dull and boring 0

Coded Arms got a lot of hype as the first First Person Shooter to be released for Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld. The game was regarded with some uncertainty, as gamers were uncertain that the PSP could pull off a shooter without a second analog stick. As has been proven with more recent games, it certainly can; however Coded Arms is simply not a shining example of what the PSP platform can do. The game does not allow for the controls to be re-vamped to custom settings, but it does howev...

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This does not end well 0

Talk to any gamer old enough to have owned a NES, and they will invariably tell you about how much they loved Kid Icarus. The game is regarded as a classic, and rarely a day passes without someone on the forums clamoring for a sequel. Now that the game is available for the Wii's virtual console, it's tough not to wonder why the game is held in such high regard. Kid Icarus is best described as a mix between a side-scrolling shooter and a platformer, incorporating elements of both. The angel Pit...

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