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I've got the same problem...

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Bring back "Burning Questions"!!

I kid. But seriously, as an old fan from your Gamespot days, a weekly editorial piece would be great. I don't care if it has structure or consistent topics or what. THat said, your Netflix series was hilarious on Screened. Maybe something similar, where you critique the banality of "popular" iOS games? I'm just spitballing here.

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The anonymity of the internet affords a great many things, but substantive, reasonable conversations about difficult subjects is not one of them. I'm not throwing up my hands, though. The gaming industry and press is made up of professionals, and they can discourse reasonably on social media forums like Twitter. There's no reason to pay attention to the blather of maladjusted, sophomoric idiots on a place like Twitter. But to suggest that in a gaming forum, filled with those same maladjusted morons, you can expect a reasonable conversation about gender politics in the gaming industry? I just don't see that happening. Ever.

It must be discouraging for adult, well-adjusted male members of the gaming press that have to do this job. Your business lives and dies on having an audience, and yet the loudest members of that audience tend to be entitled, maladjusted pricks. Basically, Patrick, what I'm trying to say is that I feel for you. You're an idealistic dude and you want to engage with the people you write for, and what do you get for your trouble? Hate and noisome nonsense. And that sucks. Full stop. I just don't think it's going to change, and you might want to adjust your expectations accordingly for your audience.

I'd just like to add that there are those among us who read what you have to say, and often don't have time to engage, but do enjoy what you write. We even snoop in on your conversations on Twitter with devs and other journos (your conversation re: the L.A. Game Space Kickstarter with Ben Kuchera this morning was very interesting, btw). So thanks for trying to have these conversations. Just remember who you're talking to. That's all.

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@Fripplebubby said:
" @Riboflavin said:
(Joey is a tested dude, right?) 
No, I think he's one of the general Top Men for Whiskey Media.  "
Nope, he's a video guy. Pretty sure he does Screened content.
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This game + alcohol = awesome times ahead!

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This should be cross-posted on Screened.

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As may have been noted already, the word you were trying to use is "segue", not "Segway". Easy mistake to make, considering that spelling that word s-e-g-u-e makes no goddamn sense, but there it is.

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I was the 69th vote. The fourteen year-old in me giggled. But seriously people, so few votes? Let's do this thing.

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 A subscription-based membership thingy could be cool. Exclusive giveaways, members-only message boards, that sort of thing. I'd give you moneys.

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@Kyle: Gotta follow 'em on the Twitter.