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Student prez' got a question to axe y'all, why don't you find her awesome? Seriously, she's the last of what I expected to be an OC/Surprise character. Girl owns.

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@FluxWaveZ: Well, that is true, yes. And thanks for correctin' my grammar, little things like those often slip my tongue.

I'm somewhat hoping, if there is a literal Story Mode, it would follow the trend of BB's style of VN-play, though that is only speculation until the actual game comes out, or when the official site reveals ATLUS' and ArcSys' ideas.

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That does bring up a point - How would the game present the story? Via VN, similar to the case BB has, or another that I cannot think of an example for off the top of my head?

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The thing is about that theory, Nebula427, is that the storyline states TEDDIE is the one who created the tournament, not Elizabeth or anyone else.

Sadly, I think the final slot may be random for the Character Select screen, while the Twitter Icon section is probably hinting at our Original Character final boss. I would hope Junpei and Yukari come as DLC down the line, and maybe more characters with Arcana diversity, if it were possible.