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@trafalgarlaw: If you're saying that anything on my list except Monster Hunter is a "port," then we can't have this conversation until you know what you're talking about.

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Get Out

Don’t spend all of your time in the convention center. Get out of there once in a while, get some air, grab some real food, see some of the city, etc.

Yeah right, you just want all that free stuff to yourself, don't you? Well, joke's on you, I'm setting up a tent right in the convention center.

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Ever since the Horse Ebooks/Pronunciation Book crap, I'm just waiting for when the clock hits midnight and it's an Upworthy "journalist" unveiling his new and profound Youtube series.

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Also, the trend of clickbait-style headlines for forum posts on the Giant Bomb forums is getting a bit ridiculous.

"I was a premium member for a whole year, but this one tip changed my life forever."

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I liked it, but it's too bad it won't be until March that we see Episode 2. That means the season won't wrap up until September, and screw that. I'll forget about this game until August and come back when I don't have to wait to experience the whole story.

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@mb said:

Preordering is risking everything for the potential gain of nothing.

Like Kickstarters, and that's taken off like a rocket.

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I feel like the "If you don't like it, don't buy it" counterargument is weak, because it doesn't address my points, it merely downplays them.

The main beef I have with this is that they're selling an unfinished product and you're paying them to be a bug tester, basically (isn't that what betas are for?). Public free betas to stress test servers are one thing (and still kinda weird), but buying your way in? That seems really lame, no matter if it's Warframe, H1Z1, DayZ, or *insert Early Access title here*.

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As of today, Blizzard has given everyone the opportunity to enter the HoTS beta by literally buying their way in.

For the low, low price of $39.99, you can permanently unlock 3 heroes, 1 skin for said hero, a special in game mount, 2,500 gold (the free currency of the game, I assume), and....oh yeah, you can actually play the game. The game that's being marketed as free-to-play.

I feel like this needs some spotlight on it, because yes, Blizzard is one of the "cool" developers that everyone likes, but then this comes along, and it's my opinion that this is extremely underhanded. They're capitalizing on people's want to get in by selling a....beta?

Am I overreacting? If the demand is there, should Blizzard allowed to sell whatever they want? It'll eventually go free-to-play, that much is for sure, and I assume they'll still be handing out beta codes every so often, but selling them? What say you?

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@sessh: Say what you will, Twitch isn't Twitch without the chat.