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Doesn't every video game encourage/demand success through failure?

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Well, there's nothing original or thought provoking I can add to this topic, other than I'm surprised this has been going on for so long. The Internet really doesn't latch on to things for a long time (see: Kony 2012, SOPA, Ukraine, Malaysian Flights, Swine Flu, the list goes on).

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Well, people say representation is a problem in video games. Now we can have "mentally ill sociopath" checked off and accurately (?) represented.

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This is straight up terrorism, right? So logically, since the U.S. has a raging war on terror for the past decade and a half, there's going to be some huge repercussions for people who make these types of threats....right?

I don't know why people have to resort to threatening others. It's ridiculous. Anita especially, considering you could say a lot about her arguments and completely denounce most of her views without ever talking about her as a person, but no, it's "I'mma just kill her," like that's the easier of the many options a person has before them.

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It's impossible to review a game by taking your social compass out of it, that stuff is automatic for most people.

As long as you don't fly off the handle with it (i.e. "Bayonetta is sexist because she shows skin"), it's fine by me.

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@kingclip: I can't do both? I don't see why just because someone is getting harassed is somehow immune to criticism.

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@ashbash: I don't think this has anything to do with GamerGate. It's just another angry person who just threw their life away to threaten someone on the internet.

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I tried, I've watched everything, but I can't, in good conscience, support anything Anita Sarkeesian does when she talks about sexism in gaming. She constantly plays the "victim" card and makes everything into sexism.

Case in point: In the video Patrick linked, she calls impersonation, defamation, and slander a weapon used against women, "especially feminists," as if men are just immune to those things (At 4:15ish). There are legitimate complaints against her videos and views, but it just seems that she ignores everything that isn't flat out praise for her and her own. Everything else is just misogyny.

On a more humorous note, I like her Portal 2 commercial, because it could totally be seen as sexist (the reason Chell never fell is only because of the boots, not because of her skill or anything, she was literally just a "subject") yet she showed it for humor.

I can't wait for someone to read this and assume I'm trying to justify the threats made against her. That'll be a fun strawman.

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The second playthrough of Nier.

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Off topic a bit, but I love how the Ratbag trailer literally gives you his entire role in the game in one short video. It speaks volumes about the game's story.