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Usually. Open world games are usually ones I don't care about, because it boils down to just collecting things that have no impact on the story, and usually the core gameplay isn't fun enough to make that task enjoyable. But games like Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider are helpful when they tell me I've completed the entire game. It makes my Steam profile look good too.

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There's 2 things that annoy me most about Youtube video titles: ALL CAPS and vague statements, and Patrick has both of those in there. Good thing those 2 things put me off so much that I refuse to watch such videos and the (probable) garbage within.

And once more, Leigh Alexander reaches and grasps at whatever straws she can to try and come off as deep and philosophical, but ultimately just argues semantics for a paycheck. It was an article that went absolutely nowhere and was written like a blog post at best.

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I can't imagine this is the last we'll hear about this game.

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I'd like to propose a change.

I want the tweets section to be community voted, or somehow broadened so that it's not just Patrick picking them out. I've noticed these past few months that the tweets Patrick chooses are always about the same three things: Games are super serious (and here's 140 characters explaining why), the people around games are people too, or something inane that is for pure humor. It's gotten a bit stale.

So for the sake of diversity, let's rework the tweet section so it's not so laced with Patrick's political biases and broaden it out.

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I think most people do, and no one thinks he's here to replace Vinny or Ryan (though, let's be real, from a personnel standpoint that's absolutely why he was hired).

Considering he doesn't do video editing or host the podcast, I'd be inclined to say you're in the wrong.

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Sorry you got scammed friend. If I didn't already own it on the 360, I'd take it. But, good on you for giving it away.

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@darek006 said:

Nobody's arguing that we need to ban video game creators from using too many men. We're just saying that it would be nice if there was more representation of people who aren't white males. That's it. We're just telling the game creators what we want. The ball's in their court.

Nobody's forced to do a damn thing, but if they're going to continue making exclusionary decisions, we have the right to keep pointing it out.

Creating a story that has a character of a specific group in it is exclusionary.

Asking that characters of a specific group stop appearing in video games is inclusionary.

I understand that people like diversity, I love diversity, but it feels to me that a lot of people don't have an idea of how to promote diversity without being jerks about it.

At no point did darek006 say that white males should stop appearing in video games. You are strawmanning hard.

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@brodehouse said:

@likeassur said:

@brodehouse: What does his preference and religion (or lack thereof) have to do with anything?

Because he also talks about those subjects and I figured I would put that on front street before someone looks through his videos and then accuses me of trying to sneak some other agenda in.

Also, I'm used to the people I agree with on 90% of issues on completely discarding people's opinions unless they come from a minority. As such I found it prudent (or politically useful) to state openly that this person I respect is a minority and thus, people interested in a diversity of opinions might be interested in listening.

If I had described Porpentine as 'transgender' (which she is) or HipHopGamer as 'black' (which he is), would you find it necessary to bait me, looking for some hidden evil?

Did you even watch the first minute of the video?

Except by putting that info out up front, it looks exactly like what you're trying to avoid. As for your hypothetical (and obviously loaded) question, that depends: Does their race or gender have any impact on the topic at hand?

Also, for complete openness, no, I didn't watch the video, because I have no reason to. The events in Ferguson and the opinions surrounding it have no bearing on me, and there's no way I, a single poster on an internet forum, can change anything, so I've not gotten involved with the matter.

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@brodehouse: What does his preference and religion (or lack thereof) have to do with anything?

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@likeassur I tweet all the time about stuff you'll never care about. I hope no one expects any meaningful relationships to spawn from 140 characters at a time.