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I thought the puzzle would be solving who killed Santa, since the whole marketing campaign is "Santa is dead" and all that.

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So regarding the other participants' photos, is everyone trying to do The Rock eyebrow? That's the in thing now?

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I'm surprised no one's mentioned One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful," a song about telling a girl the reason she's beautiful is the fact that she doesn't know she's beautiful. Ergo, the song is making her ugly. It's so dumb even Stephen Colbert called them out on it.

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It's pretty fun like every entry in the series has been. I'm glad I pre-ordered it.

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I'm going to pre-order the games I want to pre-order, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. The apocalyptic "pre-orders are killing the game industry" drivel is ridiculous.

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I always love raffles where I don't have to purchase anything. Count me in if there hasn't been a winner yet.

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How many people have complained about it so far?

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@milkman said:

@likeassur: Always nice to meet a fan.

Please see my follow up post for further clarification on my point. Though I would argue that Call of Duty has certainly positioned itself as trying to examine the "plight of the front line soldier" in the past.

Don't let it blow your mind too much when I tell you that things change over time.

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@xeirus said:

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Hmm... I just assumed it was a joke by the developers because of how out of place it is. It pokes fun at itself and at other games as games become more and more linear and quick timey.

Actually the assumption that the developers honestly thought of it as a thing to be taken serious is somewhat disheartening on Patrick's part.

My thought EXACTLY. How in the world are people not getting this??

Yeah, jokes about dead soldiers are a laugh riot. I have no idea how the world isn't busting a gut over this clearly hilarious joke.

The punchline is so far over your head it broke the atmosphere and is in space now.

Come on, I know you mostly post snarky, passive-aggressive idioms to try and argue a counterpoint, but be logical for a moment. This is Call of Duty, a game that's about over-the-top, in your face action, not the plight of a front line soldier. The context of what the game is changes how certain things are supposed to be looked at.

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If you notice, the Endurance Run games are weird yet lighthearted games. Valkyria Chronicles is not such a game.