A Massive Incoherent Rant on "Online Gaming".

Bah humbug to you all. I'm in a pissy mood, and I will be until... York introduces himself properly. And with pissy moods comes a really hard to find the point I'm making blog rant.
Enough references. 
I'm annoyed, fed up, and just generally burned on the whole, "online gaming" side of my collection. The only decent game I've played online for a while was TF2 - but even that has its limits. Modern Warfare 2 is just boring to sit and stare at. Honestly, I'll get one good game, and then boosh! I just rage quit. BioShock 2 is fun, but it's really, really hard to find a decent game. Halo 3 and Reach are my bag. Or... were? I was pretty good at Halo 3 when I snagged a copy. I enjoyed the pure freedom to be creative with some of the maps, (read; Fly mongoose half way across cavern and land on a team of two.) Reach was fun for the first week, - and again - but I'm just plainly fed up with the boring matches of 1 CTF on Sword Base. I have plenty of fun with L4D2, but my Xbawks is incredibly faulty, and won't read it half the time. (At least it accounts achievements, unlike Halo!) Usually, I'd go back to CoD4 or even WaW. But I'm so burnt on the whole Call of Duty franchise, there is no incentive to go back. Lost Planet 2 demo was fun, and I guess I could get into it, (guess what word is coming next,) but, that means I have to purchase the single player, and I really despised that with a passion. I bet your saying, "You play a fuck load of FPS games! Get some originality!" I would. I really would. I'm not a massive fan of Forza 3, or many racing games, I find third person online games to be a little more... meh feeling. Gears of War online never felt right. I'd go to my extensive list of Steam games, and pick out the obscurities I picked up in the sales, but my laptop is really struggling at the moment, and a game can last me about 15 minutes before it'll over heat. So that crosses that out from the possibilities of games I could play.  
Another gripe I'm having with the online gaming, is that it really shows, how bad I can be. Not only in skill, but also in behaviour. More and more recently I've found myself rage quitting, throwing controllers, shouting obscenities into microphones and the works. And I'm sure I'm not alone on this statement, but, online gaming is another world. People are just too good sometimes. It can be incredibly frustrating to know, this game of MW2 is going to end in a loss, because someone is there, pulling off 360 degree headshots from a million miles away! Or hackers! Goddamn they are rife! You'll see the arse flying into the sky, and sitting inside a roof, just raining hell. Campers are another thing I despise. How can anyone find it fun, to sit in a spawn point, and kill people at a disadvantage? How can it be fun to waste your time in the game, sitting in one spot waiting for the odd person to pass by? Sure, by all means camp if your a sniper, and you think it'll help you pick some people off. But just don't stay in the exact spot for the whole game, dying, running back, dying and rinsing and repeating. Please. I can live with the kiddies. We were all one of those at some point.  
I guess, though. I really enjoy a good story and solid single player. Both BioShock games were superb, as were the Mass Effect games. In fact, so much so, I've permanently scarred my ME1 and 2 discs with a black sharpie, (on the front of course,) so that I'll never sell them. I guess I could finish Dead Space, but chapter four is an arse.   
So, as you can tell, I'm truly burnt out from the online scene. I won't stop playing, that be daft. I enjoy the odd match of MW2, I just hate it's guts for other reasons. I enjoy the odd match of Halo, but I can't play the same match type over and over. I would enjoy BioShock 2's multiplayer, if I could find a game. I hate the fact online gaming promotes how shit you are at a game, and if you aren't willing to have the patience to rack up enough skill, you are shunned and left to the dogs of finding something else. It's quite depressing. 
 If you have a suggestion as to what I should check out, please drop a comment.  
Also, to add. I have little, to no patience for MMORPGs. If you've seen Zero Punctuation, you can pretty much gather, I have the same views.


Why did you MW2 PC Gamers overreact to the silliest of thing?

I was reading through the Modern Warfare 2 specs that Brad had posted and As my eyes wandered down towards reactions and comments made by the GB community intrigued by what they will need to aquire or already have aquired and put to the test to play such a game. But after IW's decision as to no longer use dedicated servers, the backlash was huge. Now, I can understand people's problems with this. No mods, or having rules that YOU can create and I'm a little miffed at it too. I attend a Call of Duty 4 tournement occasionally at GamerBase, Manchester, England- they use something called "Mod Warfare." (Basically its a little mod which starts everyone at level 1, but has access to every weapon and perk- barring Martydom for fair usage. This means everyone has a perfect balance of chance of getting high up in the scoreboards.) I can see the no-mods rule and the such could effect peoples habits of playing this type of game. But I wasn't expecting over 100, 000 people to sign an online petition for such a silly thing. For all we know, Infinity Ward could edit the system in time for release or haven't released full details on it, keeping some away from the public. It could have a wide robust selection of options like in other games, acting like Dedicated Servers for your gaming needs. We don't know these things, all I'm saying, lets wait it out before outraging all over the place. And surely, it can't break the game for you- it can't possibly make you NOT want to play it what so ever. 
This system will banish cheating, and other problems caused within the COD4. Doesn't that sound good? A constant system which presumably makes matchmaking better for your skill level, and such, it should work flawlessly. And if IW do the right thing, they will build in a dedicated server like option to let LAN parties and such for the player's enjoyment. Let's see how this goes shall we, before we start blasting IW. Because at this moment in time, I'm in the middle on this situation. I'd like to see IW give players an option on what to do, but this new way of matchmaking could make playing a whole lot more fun. 
Now the following statement I'm am begging myself to not put down, as I know I'm going to get a hell of a lot of flack for it from anyone who actually decides to read it- and who is an avid PC gamer- but I'm going to put it down in a spoiler box.

- Lime.