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 Very impressive...


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 The teaser sites url seems to do so:
Any guesses?...

 "New title preview site now open! We'll Tweet something daily in line with the countdown. First, count 10!"
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Arc System Works has announced a delay in the release of the PC version of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (which is Japan and France only and will feature cross platform play). The 2D fighter was originally scheduled for May 27th release, but is now - TBA.

Arc have said "Developing work running behind"

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@Rallier said:

" And I'm on board.  This is probably the last thing i was expecting to see when i first heard of this game and the surprise could not have been any more pleasant.   The main character's design is a bit odd though. The blue jeans mainly. "

You'll need to get either a PS3 or 360 first though ;)  Hey, on that very subject, you may see a price drop after E3, with the advent of the 360 slim.
Yea, he was up in heaven wearing a pair of 501's before he descended.
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Mine was Argo. I got a copy soon after it's Japanese launch, I had a full encyclopaedia before I gave my copy away to a friend as a Birthday gift. 
This should be in the 3D Dot Game Heroes forum 

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Ignition Entertainment have opened a teaser site for their upcoming PS3 and 360 title, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. The game is directed by Sawaki Takeyasu, who previously worked on art and character design for Okami and Devil May Cry at Capcom and Clover Studios. He later went independent and formed his own studio, "Krym" .
The games story is based around the flood depicted in the Jewish text "The Book of Enoch". The main character in El Shaddai, is Enoch, a young man adorned in white clothing who has wispy blonde hair.. One day, despite his mortality, the gods summon Enoch up to heaven where he serves God, as a clerk : /. The tale begins as God commands the angels to watch over the world below. The angels are dutiful and serve God well for a long time, but in doing so, some become filled with admiration for man below, and commit a great sin - descending to the ground below. The heavens become filled with great fury and anger, and so a plan is hatched to wipe out the world below with a great flood. Enoch steps in and convinces the angels to hold off on their plan, so he can attempt to capture the fallen angels himself..


Famitsu Magazine Details 

"Visual design that is agreeable and pleasant" 
"It does away with complexity, and makes it clear what you should do next" and "You intuitively understand, but it's not dull and monotonous, and the form is continually changing."

 "a direct control scheme that requires no instruction manual"  - "the player himself getting more skilled rather than the character getting stronger."

  • Playing as Enoch, you'll enter a large "living world."  
  • The game's stages promise variety, players will have to match their movements with stage formations and situations of ample variety.

  • The game is attempting to attain simplicity within its battle system - perform combo attacks using few buttons - combine button inputs to create a wide range of combo attacks. 

  • In order to immerse the player, the game has no on-screen interface. (It's unclear if this means Enoch won't have any sort of life gauge) 
  • The only way you'll be able to determine enemy state is by its visual representation -- armour falling off etc
The game looks and sounds awesome, I really cannot wait to see this game in motion - E3 2010
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Weapons Trailer

 May 28th release In Europe.     
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