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Awesomeness. I'm looking forward to your FIDDY cent experience. I'll keep an eye on your blog.

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Were the PC ones already fully used? It says the code was already used. :(

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Jesus man, the damage on that rocket launcher...

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If I wasn't already to late... I would lay down 50 Cent Blood on the Sand and Kane and Lynch 2.

If you enter both games with an open mind, (AKA, not expecting anything) you may be impressed.

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I think Condemned 1 and 2 can be considered such a game, seeing you're a detective. Good luck playing through both of them though. lol

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Because giant bomb doesn't spew out 60 year old memes.

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That wasn't sarcasm btw. Surprisingly for the time it was made, The gameplay was addicting because of the story like rating system they added. I spent the entire game not shooting anyone so I could get the professional ending, making it an extremely intense hostage experience... Not only that, but the sound for ingame gameplay/ the cut scenes is amazing! I wish more games put that much detail into the audio... it makes all the difference in the world.

And of course, we can't forget the soundtrack.... Or specifically, Little Green Bag.

The cut scenes themselves were extremely well animated too (Ignoring the dated facial animations lol). Now I'm not saying it's a game made among the gods... I can definitely see it getting repetitive for people who aren't fans of Reservoir Dogs. Although, any TPS lover should feel at home the moment they start playing.

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Jesper Kyde can not be beaten. Hitman Bloodmoney was good, but K&L: Dead Men still holds as my favorite. It works absolutely perfect with the game.

0:15 if you want it quick.

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Reservoir Dogs. Some good stuff right there.

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Because they have the worst possible PC Ports/Netcodes for every single one of their PC games to date... followed along with Uplay.... which is completely annoying and worthless. Their games are fine, but jesus christ... they really do everything to make sure I don't have fun in them.