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Today I am deeply sad. As a gamer for a long time and have been following GB since the first day the site was up, I have experienced a revalation that I could've never imagined.

Let me start off by saying that all the guys who works for GB are all great guys. they're good at what they do and have worked very hard to provide us with this site. Their professionalism and intregrity for this site are unmeasurable. The guys put their heart and soul into this site to make it enjoyable for everyone who is interested in video games.

OK, now that is out of the way, let me state my point.  The main theme for my final blog at GB is the evil word : BIAS.
I never thought I would''ve ever use the words Giantbomb and Bias in the same sentence, but it has happened. i know some of you are going, "who the fuck is this guy and who does he think he is to being calling Giantbomb bias??!!!" I know people tend to go on the defense whenever something that is beloved to them is being attacked. But believe me, I am, or rather was,  one of the most devoted GB users (i know my points and rank doesn't show much of that, but I go on GB literally everday). But today, during the biggest week in the video game industry, I have realized that some guys (not naming any names) working at GB are truly biased.  And for me personally, they have lost all credibility and respect as video game journalists from me.

I don't want to make this blog any longer than it already is so im just going to cut to the chase. During today's podcast when they were disscussing about the Sony's press conference, which I thought was strong and impressive, I did not even sense an ounce of enthusiasm or excitement from any of them. The argument of stuff being leaked beforehand which is the reason why they were so unimpressed is complete bullshit. Even if they already knew half the stuff being shown off before the show, atleast acknowledge the fact that some of the stuff shown at the show was impressive, but instead they made a mockery of everything. Now the Microsoft press conference was impressive as-well. They showed off a lot of games, some good exclusives, and the Natal stuff looked interesting. But I believe Sony's Press Conference equally matched, if not exceeds, Microsoft's press conference and yet if you listen to the podcast they make it sound like it was the worst conferences at E3. I just don't get it. They are professional video game journalists but somehow listening to this podcast doesn't make me feel that way about them. 

Anyway, i know some of you will flame me for making this blog and will send me nasty PM's, but I don't really care. Once I'm done writing this blog, I will log off and never come back to this site ever again. Some of you probably won't give a shit becasue it is only one person out of thousands of users, but I feel like I need to speak out and let people know what think. Who knows, the MOD might lock this thread before it even gets more than 2 comments, but atleast I got this off my shoulder.

So...i guess I'll end this with a farewell to all and I hope you guys keep enjoying the site. But as for me, I'm gonna bounce outta here before I get cyber lynced : )

goodbye giantbomb *sob*


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ball on a stick bitches!!!! Sony knows how to make cool shit.

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best  e3 press conf this year. everything looked amazing, from the games shown to the awesome motion senseing technology. i think Sony pwns this year's E3

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SONY wins E3.

that press conference was nothing short of EPIC

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damn, and i thought Nintendo's press conference from last year was Ubi...just WOW.  so they had James Cameron talked for 20 minutes without any footages or video of the game, then they show off bunch of fucking Wii games that i could care less about, and then show a CG Assasins's Creed trailer with no gameplay or anything. Good job Ubi for pissing off the "real" gamers and making the shareholders happy.

well..atleast they had that Splinter Cell demonstration, but even that was shown during M$ press con.

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don't worry guys, hopefully Sony's conferences will save the day : ). all the conferences have shitty so far.

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i love how people create new accounts just to be trolls. LOL. god i love fanboys.

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JakJ said:
Damn Dave you're cynical =PI think Sony and Nintendo have got a hell of an act to follow. I mean, ... [more]

no they don't. I thought the M$ conference was mediocre. the only big annoucnment was that MGS5 will go multiplatform. other than that, the rest was shitty.