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A Long Putt Left for Par 0

TW13 nails the fundamentals with a solid new swing mechanic. It plays and looks a great game of golf. Unfortunately, the rest of the game feels "launch-title" thin. TW13 checks off a big list of bullet points sure to please even the most demanding of marketing department. However, all of it is painted in broad strokes with no finer details. It seems EA spent more time marketing DLC tie-ins then they did rounding out the features, stats, presentation and fixing the all to apparent bugs. In golf t...

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A dirty good online time 0

Serious in front, party in back. Like a mullet, Dirt 3 will not be everyone's style . It packs smooth controls, good looks,  and lag free net code but never commits to either being a serious rally racer or a Tony Hawk petrel party. For some, it just may be that constant variety that keeps them entertained. Others will despise the careers' unyielding mix. Fortunately the cars of Dirt 3 are there for the driving - not collecting, so other than honing your online skills and boosting your gamer scor...

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Great car; blown engine 0

Shift 2 gets so much right; in-car/in-helmet view, AI, track selection, car customization, damage model, night racing, Autolog, that it is all the more painful when you realize the game is flawed at its core. I am a fan of all types of racing games, but by any standard Shift 2's twitchy, slick handling model is poorly done. You can throw numerous assists and configurations at the problem to make it serviceable but the core of your driving experience will always feel askew. Adding to the issues a...

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Great foundation but missing the little things 0

MLB 2K11 has finally nailed down the fundamentals and proves gameplay driven by real world stats can still be fun and exciting. The batter vs pitcher duels, the hit variety, the new throwing meter all make this a fantastic game to play while the overall presentation and commentary make it just as compelling to watch. Unfortunately the game is hampered by unnecessary bugs, graphic anomalies, jagged shadows, limited online options and an overall lack of baseball love. With only one year left on it...

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