Cute Games with Excellent Stories

Most of the time, it can be difficult to find a good story in a video game; this is especially true in games with cute mascot characters, a fact that can be frustrating for anyone who appreciates the juxtaposition of a great, heavy-handed plot in a game where you normally wouldn't expect it.  As a fan of cute media of all shapes and sizes, it can get frustrating when the scenario for a game in a charismatic series like Sonic the Hedgehog amounts to "Oh no; there are shadows in the distress of the earth's core; we need to band together and get the life force of the planet to save the world, once and for all!" -- which is an approach that, even if your game is made for kids, doesn't give kids nearly enough credit. 
Included here is a list of family-friendly games which clearly put enough thought behind their scenario elements to warrant a look from game players of all ages.  To put it another way:  Kids, adults, it don't matter which; there be interesting stories all up in this bitch.  (Spoilers follow; be warned!)

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