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@tjk said:

I always imagined that anything that is not ALL-AMERICAN would literally disintegrate from Dave in an 100 yard radius.

LOL She did!

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Oh my god, I had to stare at the post for several minutes before my brain would even key in on what my eyes were reading...

I didn't know Ryan personally but I've been watching/listening him doing news or reviews for video games for nearly a decade, every moment of it a treat and pleasure.

I know I'm going miss him very much.

My heart goes out to all of his friends and family.

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I just cant help but wonder what this article would of been like if you guys failed and had to walk away with no progress.

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Well kinda fell of the wagon of doing this at least once a month, but I also wasn't finishing a lot of games over the holidays but... lets try to catch up.

Now playing:

  • Dragonrealms, PC, MUD (Just posted a rough draft review of this today, only took me 17 years to get around to writing one.)
  • Fez, 360, Exploration Platformer/Puzzle
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail, 360, Action RPG
  • Fallout New Vegas + ALL DLC, PC, Open World FPS RPG (third time through, I'll never get enough Fallout)
  • Darkness II, PC, FPS
  • Spec Ops: The Line, PC, FPS
  • Metro 2033, PC, FPS (Second time Thru and loving it)
  • Deadlight, PC, Action Platformer
  • Mark of the Ninja, PC, Stealth Action Adventure
  • Red Faction: Armageddion, PC, FPS

Recently Finished (at least for now anyway):

  • FTL, PC, Tactical Space Combat Sim.
  • Don't Starve, PC, Sandbox Survival (Beta) (also posted a rough draft review)
  • Homefront, PC, FPS
  • Hotline Maimi, PC, Top Down Action Shooter (also posted a rough draft review)
  • Skyrim Dawnguard + Hearthfire, PC, Open World Action RPG
  • Saints Row the Third The Full Package, PC, Open World Action

Want to play:

  • Batman Arkham City, PC, Open World Action/Stealth Brawler
  • Assassins Creed Revolutions, PC, Open World Action/Stealth Brawler
  • Resident Evil 5 Gold Move Edition, PS3, Third Person Shooter
  • Heavy Rain Move Edition, PS3, Interactive Story
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BTW like immedatly after posting that I re-subbed and have been playing since. I'll always be addicted to and love this game.

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I love Bioshock and Bioshock 2 so much, up there with System Shock 2, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Fallout 1/2/3, Planescape: Torment and the Mass Effect Trilogy as my favorite games of all time.

I just love games where you can fight dirty and Bioshock is so great at that... setting up traps, hacking cameras and security bots, charming big daddies, you can rally up your own personal army. I always play on hard and without vita-chambers.

I think this was my third full play thru of 2 and... I'm sure its a game that I'll keep coming back to year after year.

I know a lot of people didnt like Bioshock 2 as much as the original and geez I just cannot understand why exactly. That said the MP is not something I liked about it at all, but I bought it with single player in mind so I didn't care.

This time around I bought Minerva's Den but I've only just started it.... I actually keep forgetting to play it! But I'm not super pumped that its so separate from the main game... I just didnt realize a lot of the facts about it going in, I hoped it would be more like an area you go to... from the main game and then going back after completing, with maybe new skills and powers... but nope, not like that at all.

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@Delta_Ass said:

Just wait till you get to 90. You're gonna love doing tons of rep dailies every day.

heh, I honestly dont know if you mean that as I should or shouldnt or you do or dont....

But I probably will!

In a strange way, I do love that stuff.

Not that I would play a game thats ONLY that... but I think its a nice addition to endgame content, something that you have a lot of control over how much time and effort you put in for varying degrees of rewards.

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@Hunkulese said:

You'd think that by now you'd have realized that MMOs don't offer much if you don't have friends.

I couldn't disagree with that more.

But I will say if you can find a group of people that you know and like in real life and play any game together it can be a great experience in even a horrible game.

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Thanks for reading and commenting.

: )

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First off I think I've spelled Pandaria like 15 different ways, and I just cannot be bothered to check which is right, sorry.

So as anyone reading my blog would know I promised a second part of my post regarding my experiences with MoP... that never happened because I just didnt really pay. I wish I could say if it was me, or if it was MoP or WoW in general. Maybe I just wasn't in an MMORPG mood.

MMORPGs have always been kind of a weird thing for me, I love love love the idea of a persistent world that lives and breathes with other real players even when I'm logged off, trouble is I usually hate those other players... Most of whom are just there to play some "look how much better than you, I am" game.

Certainly there are people who are redeeming, but I find the effort of finding them to be far too troublesome so quickly MMORPGS become more of a solo affair for myself... but really this does nothing to diminish the game because again all I really wanted is a persistent world with people IN it... that doesn't necessitate that I actually interact with said people.


I am having fun with MoP, but the quests defiantly are starting to feel more and more stale... problem is I really doubt that there will ever be a system that isn't just quests, I've played Warhammer Online with their public quests, I've played Rift's. While I haven't actually played Guild Wars 2, I've read about it quite a bit, and while some laud it as revolutionary... I dont see it... I see a thin vein over text less quests. Now surely there does need to be some kind of substance to these games.... there has to be quests... or there wouldn't be a game. Much like there has to be a person in a horror film who stupidly puts themselves into unnecessary danger, for there to be a movie.

MoP does try to defiantly mix up the quests as much as it can with as much variety as the system allows. But progressing through the zones and at these extreme levels of experience points needed, not questing is really not an option. I suppose I could turn to PvP, but that really has no interest for me right now, and is something I like to do really only at max levels. Dungeons are maybe another way to go to level up and push into raids and endgame content... and I do really love WoWs dungeons, especially coupled with the dungeon finder that makes it incredibly easy to find what you need for a group, but there really arn't very many, at level 87 I think I have 4 available, two of which have literally zero loot for my character and the other two I've already run 5 to 10 times each, recently.

Oh well, I think its just a combination of things... I'm busy with other games... I'm just not in an MMO mood right now... I'm less interested in leveling up and more interested in endgame dungeons/raids ... even farming... I like just wandering around collecting materials and playing the auction house, or doing daily quests, which at least give some freeform structure to their rewards... where as every MoP quest has been engineered to only offer you two choices at most.

Also I feel constantly barraged from other sites and podcasts about how MMORPGS suck and are dead and dying and whatever... and I dont mean just subscription issues which is its own separate thing.

I'm so tired of everyone telling everyone else what to enjoy and how to enjoy it.

I think that's enough free writing for now.