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A great platforming ARPG with Zelda and Metroid-Vania elements. 0

A lot of great games have been combined to breathe life into Valdis, wall jumps, ledge hanging, melee combos, areas that aren't accessible until you clear out the next "dungeon" and come back. Quick travel between towns, crafting and item upgrading, talent trees... the list goes on.You choose one of two (eventually 4 with free DLC) characters to hack, slash and magic your way through angels and demons alike. The combat isn't really the best I've ever seen but its certainly very functional. The ...

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An Amazingly Smart Experiment and Massive Success 0

par•a•ble (ˈpær ə bəl) n. a statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or the likeThe Stanley Parable is , much as its title suggests, not really a game.You cannot shoot guns, you do not have recharging shields. You cannot fly, or purchase upgrades.You can however, think, make choices (regardless of if they matter or not) and experience the uniquely branching and unfolding story.The creators of Stanley present the game as an experiment in storytelli...

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A MUD for the Ages. 1

A million years ago it was 1995.I was... very young and had recently begun exploring this thing called the internet, like most inexperienced people at the time I was using AOL, which did actually have some interesting features at the time like the AOL Game Room which offered games like chess, checkers and Gemstone... wait wait? wtf is a Gemstone. "A text-based Fantasy Mud"? At the time I couldn't possibly know less about what that meant but I knew that I liked games and wanted to try.After findi...

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A High Octane and Super Visceral Treat 0

At first glance Hotline Miami might be easy to over look as some weird short-form over the top gore fest without anything else to offer.Well okay, Hotline Miami is defiantly a short-form super gore filled game, its also got a great story, tight controls, fantastic music, and huge amounts of replay value, all wrapped up in a $15 package.I myself kinda glossed over the game, as I will often do with things that seem like gore just for gore's sake or trying too hard to be trippy, but once I gave the...

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A love song to all things strategy and control. 0

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XEU) is a game that makes you feel incredibly in control. Nearly immediately into the game you are making big decisions, not just the movements and actions of your squad, but base location, satellite building/deployment, power needs, balancing a budget, meeting the needs of 16 nations, building an air force, training and equipping a squad of up to 99 soldiers.... its an incredible sensation that I wouldn't trade for anything.XEU is very much two games in one, a squad turn ba...

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Fight Gods, Kill Demons. Solve Ancient Mysteries. 1

Welcome to The Secret World. It is modern times, this isn't a fantasy world that you've never heard of, this is Earth and all the stories are true, monsters and darkness have been lurking just out of sight for your entire life, for the entire history of mankind and beyond. Evils older than time and as young as you or I have come busting out from behind the curtains. You have been chosen by a mysterious power, call it Gaia, call it the world tree, call it fate, call it destiny. Welcome to an MMOR...

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Art for your eyes, your ears, your mind, body and soul. 0

From one of my favorite developers, doing what they do best, Botanicula is a point and click adventure with stunning graphics, lively music and characters that come alive in your mind far beyond just images on a screen.You, an acorn or nut type thing basically just living out your existence which seems to consist of not much at all, when you find a seed from a great tree, a seed that the very evil one eye'd black spider monster would like nothing more than to consume.Quickly you assemble a rag t...

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Almost but yet so far away. 1

TR is a new Sci-Fi First Person Shooter-ish MMORPG from the Eastern MMO company NCSoft which has only resently caught attention in other markets with games like Guild Wars and City of Heroes / City of Villians.Earth has been conquered by an alien race that the general population had no idea about, however our leaders were somewhat preparied and used on earth wormhole technology to move the best of the best to another planet to fight in a war that very well may be older than mankind itself.The ga...

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You can't go wrong with The Orange Box 1

Seriously I hate really short detail-less reviews. But theres no point in even trying here.If your reading this your either bored or you want to confirm that yes the game is really that good, or your thinking about buying it.Time to stop thinking.Odds are near 100% you already know what Half Life and Half Life 2 are well this awesome box comes like Half Life 2 / HL2 Episode 1 and Episode 2. This already is a huge value as Half life 2 is about 15 hours and each episode is geared twoards 5 hours.A...

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A fantastic game with fantastic voice acting and story, but... 1

Portal 2 has been a greatly anticipated follow up to Valve's sleeper hit Portal (see Orange Box). Its a First Person Shooter Puzzle game, and yes that might sound confusing but since 90% of people reading this don't need any explanation in to what portal or portal 2 are I'm just going to leave it at that. Go read a wiki.Let's get right to the meat.Graphics: The world (or building?) and characters in P2 are fantastic, with one huge negative, the main character can be seen thru a little portal tri...

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A Fun, Silly, Retro RPG Extravaganza! 0

Penny Arcade has always been good for a laugh, its silly, its witty, its goofy, and it doesn't take it self seriously. Why not start making video games? Fast forward several years and change in developers and come at Precipice of Darkness from a completely different angle and PoD 3 is born.PoD 3 is most defiantly a retro video game pulling at your fond memories of games like Final Fantasy 1 through 6 in a pretty huge way, while at the same time being wholly its own beast.The super pixelated grap...

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I Bleed Pixels! Oh so very many Pixels. 4

They Bleed Pixels isn't for the faint of heart, if you like games like Super Meat boy and Super Meat Boy and Super Meat Boy... you get the idea.TBP is precision platformer with "one button" (also makes use of the directional keys) brawling and combo mechanics, also notable is a checkpoint system that allows the player to choose when and where to make a save point.Needless to say, she is not having a good week at school.The look of the game is a retro pixel feast, I personally can't say no to any...

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A New Retro Survival Horror Classic 0

Lone Survivor is a survival horror game that really makes you feel both the survival and the horror and thirdly the horror of survival.Right off the bat LS has a demo out there, so you should give that a couple minutes to see if you can handle the retro graphics.Not for you? Move on.Pixel lover? Let's dig in.LS takes quite a few cues from other survival games, like an auto updating mapping system and flashlight that needs new batteries constantly, but really the game remains largely unique. You ...

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Alice is back and beautiful. 1

Ten years ago, long before dark, emo, or gothic were in high fashion, came along an action/adventure, third person hack and slash, platforming shooter game called American McGee’s Alice (AMA).Famously using the quake III engine to new heights AMA, boasted dark atmospheric insane level design the likes of which no one had seen before. Also AMA is arguably the influence on all the permeations we see today of the Dark Wonderland in comics and films.Jump back to the present and we now have : Madness...

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I've got Balls of Average Material 1

A million years ago in 1996, an fps came out of nowhere to change the rules and shake everything up, Duke Nukem 3D. The Duke brought with him: swearing, comedy, and nudity - all things greatly lacking in fps’s of the day. Of course the game became a cult classic and legions of fans began pulling at their hair day in and day out for a sequel.     Fast forward to 2011 and Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) is just now hitting the shelves, and well, it isn’t the best game ever... it isn't the worst eith...

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Zombies in a mall. 0

Dead Rising takes several tried and true ideas from different genres and slams them into an awesome package. What is Dead Rising?   Is it an open world sandbox? Is it an action adventure? Is it a role playing game? Is it a horror survival? Well its pretty much what you would get if you put all of that together added an unbelievable number of zombies and set it in a near modern day shopping mall. The idea is cliché but the game play can capture your imagination immediately.   You are Frank West...

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It certainly is "Other". 1

Let me just start off by saying I love Metroid. Metroid, Super Metroid, the three Prime games, the GBA games, are all super in my book. Other M, however, is really not one of those games at all and while that maybe means it lives up to its sub title.  Controls are just plain weird and that doesn’t bode well for an action game. Some really unusual choices were made with this game as it uses the Wiimote minus nunchuk and motion plus, that’s right only the wiimote is used for the controls. That giv...

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