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best madden ever 0

I buy Madden every year, and typically I am not happy. Well this year they finally got it right. It actually feels like a football game, and the presentation is much more similar to what you would actually see on tv. Also things happen like on TV, which is hard to explain. For example, my buddy threw to his wideout just as he stepped out of bounds, refs call it incomplete. Well a call came down from the booth to review it since it was under 2 minutes, and the play was reversed! Like always speed...

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Sub par 0

I thought after last years dissapointment that EA might try to make a better game. This seems exactly like last year, and still compared to Madden is a dissapointment. I just think that these games should get better every year in every way, instead of remaining virtually the same. It still seems way too easy to get interceptions.Also, their was numerous glitches in my limited playing, mainly in the instant replays, which they have after almost every play. I'm just so glad I didn't buy it....

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Do not buy-middle finger to EA 1

Bottom line-this game is a fail.  Let me explain I know they weren't going to reinvent the game of football or have a brand new NCAA football game for us.  But you would think that the least they could do is not make a game worse or of less quality.  The game feels like it was released YEARS ago when the 360 just came out.  It would have been better if they just updated the rosters and left it.   My biggest dissapointment is in the graphics.  They players look like like garbage.  The crowd is ju...

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Well I am real glad I rented this game.  It can be completed in 3-5 hours, depending on the skill level.  I enjoyed the first game, and thought the sequel would be grand.  It turns out that just like the first game.  Same powers, same enemies.  The graphics are improved and are very good, also the action keeps moving throughout the game.  But it is over very quickly.  In one day I beat it and got 40/50 achievements.  Also the final battle is very disappointing.  The battle with Vader turns out t...

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Dont bother no matter how much you liked the movie... 0

So I loved this movie, thought it was awesome.  I heard that the game developers had plenty of time to make this game, so I thought I would give it a try.  I played for about 2 hours then drove back to blockbuster to exchange it for a game worth spending a rental fee on.   If a game is developed from a movie it will suck, and I know this but thought this might be the exception.  There are no exceptions though. Terminator, Ironman, Transfromers, the list goes on.  Good movies don't make good vide...

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Awesome 0

Game is great.  Just like the first one, in NEVER gets old.  The new realism mode is sick!  This definitely kicks the difficulty up a notch.   The graphics are improved, I shot a zombie in the stomach and saw his large intestine droop out of his body, although he continued to attack me further til I put another hole in him!  The only issue was that I was still having fun playing the original left 4 dead.  There do seem to be alot of people who suck at this game online.  Also if you play online, ...

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