Only played Halo: CE, should I play 2 & 3 before Reach?

I just bought my first 360 so I've been out of the loop on Halo since the first one on XBOX.  I have Reach coming in the mail, should I try to play through Halo 2 and 3 before I go through Reach?  I know it is a prequel so the story may not really be messed up too much but I'm also curious about if I play Reach first will I get frustrated with controls or design going back to the other two?  I also have ODST coming but will probably wait to play that until the others anyways. 
Just curious...


Preordering Fallout New Vegas on Steam, should I wait?

Hey guys,
    so I have only been on Steam for about a month and I am already in love.  I am planning on buying Fallout: New Vegas but I was trying to decide if I should go ahead and preorder now or wait until later?  I played through Fallout 3 on my roommate's PS3 but I don't have access to that anymore and I was thinking about buying that as well.  My question to the community is this: 
Should I wait to try to see if they do any sort of combo sale for both games or should I just bite the bullet and buy them individually now?  (That way I'd be able to play through Fallout 3 again leading up to Fallout: New Vegas & I'd also get the preorder items for New Vegas.)
I'm just curious about everyone's opinion as well as any insight you all might have if you've used Steam for a while.


Virgin PC Gamer (ahem... BootCamp)

Yeah, so I'm still figuring out about PC gaming, I haven't owned a PC for years, I've primarily been a Mac guy.  I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro with the Intel i5 chip which allows me to install Windows via bootcamp.  I also downloaded Steam and just purchased a crap-load of games from their summer of terror sale (or whatever the hell it's called).  Anyways, I'm still figuring some things out but so far I'm pretty pleased.  I was planning on spending some money on one of the new XBOX's but I think my recent Steam purchases will hold me off for a while. 
Good times