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@aetheldod: They did the Music inspired by MK with all EDM artists last time, I would be stoked to see the same thing but with Rap/Hip-Hop this time around.

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@bondfish: I loved the music, but where is Jody

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I've been re listening to all of the GOTY bombcasts from years past (They are perfect to listen to while packing/moving) and I definitely need to add some games to my list:

  1. Journey
  2. Far Cry 3
  3. Hotline Miami
  4. Dead Space 2.
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Seems I'm kind of in a game-cation situation (Just moved back home after college, looking for a job) I'm starting to size up what I want to play over the next month and here's what I've got on my list:

  1. Final Fantasy VII (PC) - Started it up a couple months ago and would love to finish it again as the last time I finished it I was in Middle School.
  2. Dark Souls - Just downloaded it for the 360 as its the free game for the next two weeks. Never played any of the Souls games so I wanna see what the hype is about.
  3. Bioshock Infinite - Never got around to playing it last year, loved the other two games.
  4. Saints Row 3&4 - Again some other games that the GB crew loves that I haven't touched yet.
  5. If I have time I need to beat AC 3&4. After hearing how disappointing 3 was I decided not to play it, but after hearing how bad ass 4 is I feel compelled to beat both.

What about you guys? Any games you wanna knock out over the summer?

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I got my roommate to start listening to the Bombcast back in June. He said it was weird that he never got to know Ryan as the host. He loves the bombcast now, I just wish he could have experienced it like I had, from the start with Davis.

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This guy's alternate trailers are amazing.

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@deegee: Because analogous experience doesn't count....

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I think these lyrics pretty much sum up how I feel right now for Jeff and Anna.

"We would do anything to bring him back to you.

We would do anything to end what you're going through.

If only sorrow could build a staircase, our tears could show the way.

I would climb my way to heaven, and bring him home again.

I would do anything to bring him back to you.

Because if you got him back, I would get back the friend that I once knew."